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"Name's Dizzy. And my rig's a little sweet thang, Betty."
—Dizzy, introducing himself to Delta Squad

Private Dizzy "Diz" Wallin was a former Stranded turned Gear. He served in the merchant navy during the Pendulum Wars, but was left Stranded after the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack. Like many Stranded, he was torn between his distrust for the Coalition of Ordered Governments and doing what's right for his family. As the Locust War escalated, Dizzy realized he was endangering his family by living outside Jacinto City's secure walls. Signing on with Operation Lifeboat, he joined the COG military in exchange for asylum for his two daughters.

He participated in several battles, and became an Assault Derrick driver during Operation: Hollow Storm. He was later reunited with his family at Port Farrall after the Sinking of Jacinto City. He moved with the rest of the COG to Vectes, and fought in the Stranded Insurgency and Lambent Pandemic. After the COG collapsed and was forced to split into several different groups, Dizzy traveled with his daughters to Anvil Gate alongside Col.Victor Hoffman, Sgt.Bernadette Mataki, and several dozen other Gears and thousands of refugees. After being rescued from a Locust attack by Delta Squad, Dizzy proved instrumental in the group reaching Azura and using Adam Fenix's weapon to destroy the Locust and Lambent.


Early life

Dizzy married a woman named Lena and adopted her son Richie, who was a Gear soldier in the 25th Sherrith Cavalry, and lived with her in Mattino Junction. He was drafted as part of the merchant navy, and often went through Porta Ogari on the Serrogar Peninsula during his trips, and frequented a bar there called Canopus.[2] During his time in the merchant navy, Dizzy presumably served on a number of different ships as he displayed the ability to repair and pilot submarines. He also became a great mechanic, capable of fixing just about anything with enough time, a skill he became well known for during the Locust War.

Locust War

Emergence Day

"Aw, goddamn, make sense buddy. Come on, what are they, Gorasnayans? Those assholes never accepted the cease-fire."
—Dizzy, not believing the reports that the Indies were not the ones attacking.

Six weeks after the Armistice between the UIR and COG, Dizzy was serving as an engineer aboard the Betancourt Star as it was returning to Porta Ogari. As the ship got closer to the port city, Dizzy made his way up the ship’s deck before dawn, and threw his drinking flask into the ocean, swearing off drinking ever again in order to return home sober. Dizzy then went to the gallery and made two cups of coffee and headed up to the bridge, where his old friend Robb Arden was commanding the ship. He gave him one of the cups, and remarked how lonely the sea seemed now that they no longer had to travel in convoys for protection. Arden agreed that it would take some getting used to, and remarked how the world seemed abnormal now that the Pendulum Wars were over. He asked him when Richie was getting demobbed, and Dizzy told him that Richie had gotten home the past week, and when he got home he was going to give him a beer, reasoning that if he was old enough to fight he was old enough to drink. Arden asked him if he would give Richie his special brew, but Dizzy told him that Lena would kill him if he did that. He also mentioned that Richie would need a job, since being a Gear did not teach a person many trade skills. Arden told him there would be room for a trainee engineer in the fleet. Dizzy decided to walk along the deck to watch the sunrise, and Arden mentioned that he seemed to be acting like a man making a fresh start. Dizzy told him he was, since the whole world seemed to be doing it. Dizzy went down to the deck and watched the sunrise, enjoying how peaceful everything seemed now, and saw Porta Ogari come into view. He spotted a burst of flame coming from one of the refineries, but did not think anything of it and watched a port authority boat shoot at high speeds back towards the city. Dizzy was then startled when Arden trigged the ships collision alarm and the muster alarm, and Dizzy quickly looked around, but saw no ships. He looked up toward the bridge and saw Arden waving at him to come up, and Dizzy began running, thinking that something was wrong with the engines and it would eat up a week of his leave.[3]

When Dizzy reached the bridge, he found most the crew already there, listening to the radio. Dizzy realized the problem was not with the ship, and heard the harbor master ask for assistance and the CNV Audacious respond that they would be there soon. Dizzy asked what was happening, and Dolland told him that the city was under attack and they could not dock. Dizzy was crushed the peace had been so short, and Arden asked for instructions from the harbor master. They were told to go to Cape Aelis, and the Betancourt Star began to change course. Dizzy headed to the deck with Dolland and another engineer, Welson, to look at the city. They saw explosions coming from the cities refinery, and saw fire begin to spread around the city. Dolland grabbed a radio to try and find out more about what was happening, and Dizzy began cursing out the Indies, and hoped that Chairman Tomas Dalyell would burn all the Indies with the Hammer of Dawn in revenge for breaking the treaty. Dolland then got their attention and told them that it was not the Indies, and Welson asked him what he meant. Dolland said they were not human, and Dizzy told him to make sense and asked if it was the Republic of Gorasnaya. Dolland told him that whatever they were, they were not Indies or human. Arden called everyone back up to the bridge, saying that Dalyell was speaking over the radio. Dizzy and the others rushed back up, and heard Dalyell say that the unknown creatures had emerged all over the planet and were massacring people. Dizzy and the others were horrified, and he asked Arden if he had heard of any other cities being attacked, fearing for Lena and Richie. Arden told him that Jannermont had been hit, but he did not know of any others. As the Betancourt Star headed for Cape Aelis, Dizzy went down to the engine room to make sure everything was working okay. He found Milos down there already, and listened to him wonder about the origins of the attackers. Dizzy did not respond, thinking only about having to get to his family any way that was possible.[4] After reaching Cape Aelis, Arden told Dizzy and the others to leave the ship and do whatever they needed to reach their families.[5]

Searching for Lena and Richie

"No, I gotta go look for my family!"
—Dizzy, after a Gear tells him he needed to turn back from Mattino Junction

Three days after Emergence day, Dizzy managed to hitch a ride with a chemical tanker heading to Andius, with plans to get off once he reached New Sherrith. As they drove, Dizzy saw dozens of army vehicles, medical personnel, and police, but little civilian traffic. The driver told him that the government was asking citizens to stay home to allow needed personnel to move easier. They listened to the radio, and heard that about a hundred thousand people had been killed in Jannermont, and that the unknown creatures were being called Locust. Dizzy listened for any mention of Mattino Junction, having failed to be able to get any calls through to his family or neighbors. When they got to the turnoff the driver needed, Dizzy got out of the truck, and the two of them wished each other luck in finding their families. Dizzy began walking toward Mattino Junction, and passed a gas station. He found the owner nailing boards over the windows, and asked him if he had heard anything about Mattino Junction. The man told him that the COG had attempted to evacuate the city, but only got a few people out. Dizzy asked him if he knew where the survivors had been sent, but the man did not know. Dizzy continued walking, determined to reach his home, but realized he was dehydrated and running low on energy. He found a phone booth and tried again to call his family and neighbors, along with the COG Casualty Information Bureau, but had no luck again. Dizzy continued moving, eventually reaching a hill where he could see Mattino Junction, and saw that it was on fire with fighting still going deep within it. He went into a panic and began running along the highway, but was eventually stopped when a military Packhorse came up behind him. A Gear came out of the vehicle and told him to turn back, but Dizzy explained his situation and asked if he could find anything out about Richie, giving the Gear his name and unit. Dizzy then tried to continue onto the city, but the Gear stopped him and told him that even if he got into the city, there was nothing he could do, and it would be better if he just let them take him to a refugee center in Andius. Dizzy tried to resist going, but was too weak to fight back when the Gear helped him into the Packhorse. The Gears in the vehicle gave him a drink and some food, and reassured him that they would find his family. The Gear who helped him received a message from control, and sadly informed him that Richie's COG Tag had been logged. Dizzy was crushed, and did not say much after arriving at the refugee center and getting registered. He went to sleep for several hours, but was eventually woken up by a female police officer, who informed him that Lena had been found dead.[6]

Working in Halvo Bay

"Yeah, they're all gone. But don't you worry none. We'll take care of you. I'll take care of you."
—Dizzy, comforting Rosalyn after having helped rescue her

Three months after E-Day, Dizzy was working in Halvo Bay, having volunteered to help find and bury bodies left behind after Locust attacks in order to stop disease from spreading. He had worked in a dozen cities doing this, and got to know Cpl.Lennard Parry, an engineer who was in charge of directing the volunteer groups. After arriving in the city, Dizzy and the other volunteers began looking for red flags, which marked where searchers had found bodies. He talked with Chuck, a fellow volunteer, who told him that Gray had left the group and gone into the mountains, believing it would be safer there. Dizzy thought about going into the wilderness to survive as many people had already done, but decided that he had not reached that point yet. He and Chuck lifted a large sign up, and were disconcerted to find two crushed bodies underneath. Dizzy searched the debris around them until he found a purse with some identification. He carried on moving bodies for several more hours, and then ducked away to take a drink from a bottle of alcohol he carried with him, having returned to drinking with the death of his family. Parry came over, and asked him why he had volunteered for body burial duty. Dizzy told him he felt that he had not done enough to save his own family, so he thought that if he found somebody's loved ones and managed to let people know what had happened to them, he might stop feeling guilty. Parry told him he could join the army and become an engineer, but Dizzy told him that he needed to keep burial detail. Parry understood, and told him that he would not be drafted as long as he was willing to keep doing that. After working a few more hours, Dizzy thought he heard a noise coming from under some rubble. Fearing it might be Locust, he got ready to raise the alarm, but then realized that it was a woman calling for help. He yelled at the others to come help him, and knelt down next to the debris and talked with the woman, who told him her name was Roysalyn. Two firefighters came over with a hydraulic pump to lift the rubble, and Rosalyn asked Dizzy if the grubs were gone. He told her they were, and the firefighters managed to lift the rubble high enough to reach in and pull her out. She was uninjured, but was horrified by the devastation Halvo Bay had suffered in the Locust attack. Rosalyn asked Dizzy if everyone else was dead, and he told her they were, but not to worry, because he would take care of her.[7]

Living in Brabaio

"Sweetie, you wanna stay here and wait to die? Do you? We got a baby on the way. I lost Lena and Richie, and I ain't gonna lose anyone else, ever."
—Dizzy, telling Rosalyn that they had to leave Brabaio as quickly as possible

Ten months later, Dizzy had become romantically involved with Rosalyn, and she had become pregnant. They had been moved to the city of Brabaio in southwest Ingarez. Dizzy began looking around for work to support her, but was turned down at the docks due to the lack of any real merchant fleet, most of which had been destroyed by the Locust. The gatekeeper at the docks gave him fifty bucks to get something to eat, which Dizzy begrudgingly accepted. As he walked through the streets, he reflected on how much society had gone downhill since the Locust had attacked. Dizzy stopped by a bar on his way home, buying a drink to sooth his nerves. However, he was interrupted when new Chairman Richard Prescott came over the TV and announced the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack, which would give three days for as many civilians as possible to reach the Jacinto Plateau, while the rest of Sera would be burned in an effort to stop the Locust. The rest of the bar patrons burst into a panic and outrage, and Dizzy was horrified that the COG would willingly burn all its citizens in an effort to stop the Locust. he left the bar and began running through the streets to the abandoned car dealership where he and Rosalyn had taken refugee with other refugees. He found her reading a newspaper, and ordered her to get all her stuff together and get ready to leave. She asked him what was going on, and he told her about the upcoming strike. Rosalyn did not believe him at first, so he directed her to look outside, and she saw much of the city entering into a panic and begin as people began trying to flee the city. After they gathered their things, Dizzy began leading Rosalyn to the train station, but she stopped and asked what they were going to do, since they were too far away to have any realistic chance of getting to Jacinto. Dizzy said they could buy tickets, but she pointed out that everyone else would be doing the same thing. He told her that they had no choice, and if they stayed they would die, and he could not just not do anything to try and save her and the babies. When they reached the train station, a police officer blocked the way and told him that they could not come through. Dizzy said he just wanted to buy a ticket and his wife was expecting, but the officer told him he was sorry, and that the trains were full, and would not be back. They headed back into town to try and think of what to do, and Dizzy reassured Rosalyn that he would do whatever he needed to in order to protect her and the baby. She told him that it could be babies, and that twins ran in her family. He told her that just gave him even more reason to try and save her. They stopped at a coffee shop to think, and Rosalyn asked a man drinking calmly why he was not trying to leave. He told them that the whole thing was crazy, and had to be a ploy to scare the Locust, but Dizzy did not think that was true.[8]

Hammer of Dawn Counterattack

"Our government's doing more than abandoning us. They're killing more of us than the damn grubs have."
—Dizzy's inner thoughts about the Hammer strikes

Dizzy and Rosalyn were forced to walk toward Jacinto, but with one hour left until the Hammer strikes, they had barely crossed the border into Tyrus. Rosalyn wanted to stop walking and just accept the inevitable, but Dizzy convinced her they needed to keep moving away from the closest city in order to survive. He eventually found a car that worked, and they began driving, hoping to find some kind of shelter to take cover in. Dizzy told Rosalyn to look in the back of the car for supplies and she found a water bottle, which Dizzy said could save their lives since they needed some way to carry water around after the strike. As he drove, Dizzy realized that he had become more scared of his own government than the Locust, and wondered how they could excuse murdering millions to protect the capital city and the area that surrounded it. They eventually came upon a looted store, and Dizzy had Rosalyn stay in the car while he made sure it was safe. After breaking in, he went back and helped Rosalyn out of the car and grabbed everything inside the vehicle. They had three minutes until the strike, so Dizzy began gathering everything he could find in the store and putting it into the back storage room while Rosalyn filled the water bottle and several buckets in the bathroom sink. With a minute left until the strike, they got on the ground and put their hands over their heads to protect themselves. When the Hammer hit, Dizzy saw a bright light flare through the gaps around the storage room door. They waited for a blast to hit them, but it never came, but they could hear a ferocious wind outside. The power then went out, and they stayed there in the dark for a while longer before Dizzy checked outside, and saw the skyline was filled with red flames, and the air smelled of smoke and burned things. He went back inside and told Rosalyn that they needed to stay put for now, and could check outside again in the morning for army patrols. They went to sleep, and Dizzy was awakened by a bright light shining through the door. He woke Rosalyn, assuming that it must be a patrol vehicles light shining through, but she told him it looked like light that was being reflected off of snow. Dizzy was confused by this, since it was the middle of summer. He went outside, and found the sky overcast and looking like winter, and realized that it was not snow, but ashes. Dizzy looked at the nearest city, and saw a burning skyline that had been demolished. Rosalyn joined him, and they stared in horror at the devastated landscape.[9]

Oblivion Central Squatters Camp

"Come on, fellas, they're just workin' men like us. Ain't their choice what happened."
—Dizzy, trying to convince other Stranded not to harass Gears

One hundred and eighty two days after the Hammer strikes, Dizzy and Rosalyn were living at the Oblivion Central Squatters Camp with several hundred other Stranded. Rosalyn had given birth to twin girls, Maralin and Teresa, and Dizzy went out the next day to find a gift to get her. He negotiated with another Stranded to trade him a wrench for a hair brush and first call on Dizzy's next batch of moonshine, and headed back home. He passed several kids scavenging among the ruins of several houses, and asked them if they had found anything except bricks. They told him that everyone who lived there had been rich and managed to evacuate to Jacinto. Dizzy told them that they would not need anything that rich people had anyway, and that they would do just fine surviving on their own. One of the kids said that they would outlast the COG and be able to tell them to piss off like they had done to them. Dizzy agreed with them, and they then heard a COG APC approaching. Dizzy watched as the kids and other Stranded quickly grabbed bricks and lined up to throw them at the vehicle. Dizzy tried to tell them not to do it, and that the Gears did not have any choice in what the government had done. They ignored him, and threw the bricks at the vehicle as it passed by, yelling insults at the Gears. The APC stopped and a female Gear got out and shoved one of the Stranded men, warning them to not impede COG operations or steal from them, or else they would be treated as hostile. The other Stranded continued to cuss the Gears out as they drove away. Dizzy heard artillery fire in the distance, and assumed that the Gears were heading to another battle. He felt sorry for them, but knew it did not change the way that the government had acted, and felt that he could not trust them again. Dizzy returned to his hut, and found Rosalyn lying in bed with the babies with the midwife watching over her. The midwife left, and Dizzy looked at his new daughters, happy to be a father again. Rosalyn asked what had been happening outside, and Dizzy told her about the APC getting stoned. He gave her the brush, and thanked her for coming into his life and putting him back on track. She told him that he had saved her life more than once, and never to forget that. She thanked him for the brush, and both of them felt that they were going to be able to survive anything. Dizzy then checked on his still, and spent a few hours tinkering with the batch while Rosalyn and the babies slept.[10]

As Dizzy smelled his batch, he noticed that the surface was shaking, and that the ground had started rumbling. He realized Locust were emerging nearby, and yelled to Rosalyn to grab the babies and get the bunker. The alarm began sounding outside, and Rosalyn grabbed a knife to defend herself as she carried Maralin and Teresa to safety. Dizzy ran with the other men to where the Locust were emerging, and another Stranded, Nicklos, yelled at Dizzy, asking him where his Gears were now that they needed them. Dizzy pulled out his largest wrench as the Locust poured into the street and looked around for another weapon, but saw another Stranded go down and drop a hunting rifle. Someone yelled at him to pick it up, but Dizzy had never fired a gun before. He grabbed it anyway, and shot at the first Locust he saw. He was surprised by the guns kick, but kept firing, unsure if he hit anything. When he ran out of ammo, someone tossed him another clip, and he was still struggling to figure out how to reload when the last of the Locust went down. Nicklos began ordering people to get the wounded first aid, and Dizzy finally got the rifle reloaded. He stood up and saw many dead Locust and Stranded, with several wounded Stranded being treated as well. Nicklos approached him and told him that he knew he was new in town, but he wanted Dizzy to be perfect with the rifle next time the Locust attacked. Dizzy understood, and clutched the rifle close to himself. He reflected how he had fought in his first battle and become a father on the same day, and decided that called for a celebration with some moonshine.[11]

Living in Ilima

"I ain't gonna lie to you, sweetie. Sometimes I need it 'cause I miss your momma so much."
—Dizzy to Maralin, after she asked him if he was drinking again

Eight years later, Dizzy and his family had moved to a Stranded camp in Ilima. Rosalyn became ill and died during an epidemic that swept through the camp, leaving Dizzy heartbroken. Three days later, he was struggling to keep going. He watched a COG patrol drive along the Ilima-Jacinto highway, and thought about how everything that could have saved Rosalyn the COG had available to them. Dizzy took a drink of moonshine, and began heading back to his hut, passing several people coughing from the illness. He noticed a King Raven flying in a straight line to the camp, coming in low. Dizzy wondered what they were doing, and as it flew over it released hundreds of leaflets over the camp. Dizzy and the others were annoyed and angry at the COG for messing up the camp, and he picked up one of the leaflets and read it. It detailed Operation Lifeboat, a program where Stranded men could sign up and join the COG army in a variety of roles, in exchange for caring for their families with food, shelter, and medical care. Dizzy stuffed the leaflet in his pocket, feeling angry at the COG for using the epidemics sweeping through the camps to recruit. He forgot about it over the next few days, as he drank heavily. After making his runs dropping off moonshine and getting some chicken and eggs out of the trade, he returned home to find Maralin and Teresa cooking. He gave them the food, and picked up Maralin and hugged her. She told him that they would take care of him now that Rosalyn was gone, which broke his heart. He told them to be careful with the knives they were using to cut up some vegetables, and she asked him if he had been drinking that weird stuff that mom had said was bad for him. Dizzy was disturbed, and told her that he needed it sometimes when he missed her mom too much, but that he knew it was bad for him and he needed to cut down. Teresa ran over to him and hugged his leg, telling him that he needed to stop drinking it before he died too. Dizzy assured them that he was not going to die, and then checked their temperature to make sure they were not getting ill. Maralin felt hot, and he asked her if she was felling okay, and she said she just felt sad. He wondered if he was getting too worried and imagining stuff, and finished making dinner with them and ate. They settled down to sleep, with Dizzy lying in his bed in front of the door with his rifle nearby in case of a robber or Locust attack.[12]

Joining the COG

"Son, you get my Maralin to the doctor and I'll do any damn thing you want. I'll sign up. I'll join your damn Lifeboat. Anything so long as my girls live."
—Dizzy, to a Gear who agreed to get the doctors to see Maralin

Dizzy was awoken during the night when Maralin began coughing, and he rushed over to her and felt her head, which was really hot. He pulled out his flashlight and shone it on her, and asked if she was okay. She told him she was sick and her head hurt, and that she was sorry. Dizzy told her not to be sorry, and he got her a cup of water. Teresa woke up and asked him if Maralin was going to die, and if they were all going to die after her. Dizzy was horrified, and reassured her they were not going to die. As Maralin got worse over the next couple of hours, Dizzy got Mrs. Enszka, a former nurse. She told him that there was nothing she could do, and that Maralin might pull out of it in a few days or she might not, and that they did not have the medicine to treat her. After she left, Dizzy was determined not to lose Maralin like he had lost Rosalyn, and told Teresa to pack her bags and everything they had. She asked him what they were going to do and he told her they were going to ask the Gears for help. She told him that he hated the COG and that they had burned everything, but Dizzy told her that he did not hate them as much as he loved her and Maralin. He carried Maralin through the camp with Teresa following with their bags, realizing that being a Stranded was no way to raise children, and went to a spot on the highway where COG patrols passed every few hours. After an hour, an APC began to approach, and they stood in the middle of the road waving flashlights to be seen. The vehicle stopped, and a Gear jumped out of the hatch and asked what was wrong with the girl. Dizzy told him she was sick and that he could not lose her, and asked if they could help. The Gear told him to get in the vehicle, and that he would find a way to get the medics to see them. Dizzy began sobbing and thanked him, and helped Maralin and Teresa get into the APC. He told the Gear that if he could get Maralin seen that he would join up with them through Operation Lifeboat, and he was willing to do anything to give his girls a chance to live. The Gear told him that being a Gear was a good life, and that it was like family, and asked him what he could do. Dizzy told him he could fix big engines and drive, and the Gear said that he could likely be a Assault Derrick driver.[13]

The doctors managed to save Maralin, and Dizzy became a Gear soldier. Five years later, about one month after the Lightmass Offensive, Dizzy fought alongside Sgt.Marcus Fenix, Pvt.Tai Kaliso, and Pvt.Jace Stratton in a battle against the Locust near Jacinto City. He and Marcus watched as Tai burned the bodies of the Locust after the battle, and helped Jace deal with the idea of death.[14]

Operation: Hollow Storm

Battle of Stromson Forest

Dizzy hits a Brumak with Betty.

"Welcome to the big suck, Sgt.Fenix. Ready to hit the road?"
—Dizzy, greeting Marcus and Delta Squad

During Operation: Hollow Storm, Dizzy was assigned to drive a Derrick, Rig 314, that he nicknamed "Betty". Before the operation began, he sent a request for ammo to High Command, complaining that he and the other rig drivers did not have enough ammo. When the operation began, Dizzy greeted Marcus and Delta squad at the COG Staging Grounds. Once they got underway, another Gear squad had joined Delta on the Rig. Marcus asked Dizzy if he was a conscript, and Dizzy confirmed that he was, remarking that he had to fight so his family got fed. On the road to Landown, the rig came under heavy Nemacyst attack on a ridge, with the unnamed squad being killed. They survived the onslaught, and Pvt.Henny contacted Dizzy, and was amazed he made it through. Dizzy told him he was not going to die because he had a mission to complete. As they reached the slope at the end of the ridge, Betty stalled, and rolled down the slope until it came a stop. Dizzy and Delta jumped down to the ground, and he began making repairs to the Rig while Delta covered him. Once he finished, he climbed back up to the driver's cab, and called for Delta to get back to the Rig.[15] As the convoy reached a large plain, several massive Emergence Holes opened around them. Another Rig, Ava, was hijacked by the Locust. Dizzy rammed the drivers cab on Ava until the glass shattered, allowing Marcus to shoot the driver and send it off a cliff. They fought through more Locust forces, avoiding several Brumaks and a Corpser, until one Brumak blocked their path. Marcus used the Chain Gun on top of the Rig to kill it, and Dizzy rammed the body out of the way and continued onto Landown.[16]

Dizzy about to engage in a chainsaw duel with Skorge.

Assault on Landown
"I'll hold him off boys, get your asses down there!"
—Dizzy, to Delta as he engages Skorge

After reaching Landown, Dizzy smashed through a barricade, but the rig behind them, Rig D77, was destroyed in a massive explosion. One survivor, Tai Kaliso, emerged and joined Delta. Dizzy asked him what had happened to Lola, the rig, and Tai told him that he thought it had been Tickers, and that the whole area was infested with them. Dizzy told Delta to escort his Rig through the town, and clear the area of Tickers so he could proceed. When they reached a tunnel, Dizzy used Betty's headlights to allow Delta to see the Tickers throughout the tunnel. When they reached an area of the city that the Locust were hitting with Mortars, Dizzy refused to move forward until Delta killed the Mortar crews. After they did, Dizzy began moving Betty up, but a Brumak arrived from another tunnel. Delta killed the Brumak with Mortars, and Dizzy picked them back up, and they managed to drive to the drill zone without further incident.[17] When reaching the drill zone, Dizzy readied the grindlifts as Delta once again defended the rig. As Delta prepared to drop into the Hollow, Skorge appeared on the battlefield and attacked. Dizzy engaged Skorge in a chainsaw battle, and told Delta to get in their grindlifts and into the Hollow. He was joined by Tai, and the two of them fought Skorge as the grindlifts deployed safely.[18] After it became apparent that they could not defeat Skorge, Tai ordered Dizzy to escape, and after some hesitation, he did, wishing the South Islander good luck as he ran.[14] After Delta Squad dropped into the Hollow, they lost radio contact with the two, and become worried about their survival.[19][20] Dizzy managed to flee Landown with Betty while Tai remained behind to fight Skorge.

Relocation to Port Farrall

He was reunited with his daughters, Maralin and Teresa, in Port Farrall, where he linked up with the remaining COG forces after the Sinking of Jacinto.[21] He later drove Betty to the barracks, and found Delta-One outside with several other Gears, and he had a reunion with Pvt.Dominic Santiago, and was introduced to Sgt.Bernadette Mataki. He was eager to share some moonshine with Tai in thanks for saving his life, but saw in their faces that something was wrong. Dizzy realized that Tai must have died, and asked what had happened, since he had last seen Tai giving Skorge hell, and Dom told him that the Locust had captured and tortured him. Dizzy stood silent for a few moments in grief, until he saw that the others had noticed his daughters in Betty's cockpit. Dizzy told them that they were his kids, and he would be able to take care of them better now that he could be with them more. Dizzy told the others that they should get together later and drink in Tai's honor.[22]

Stranded Insurgency

Rebuilding on Vectes

"Well, ain't this nice. Can't remember the last time I saw anywhere peaceful."
—Dizzy, after arriving on Vectes

Dizzy was flown in as part of the advance team to get Vectes Naval Base up and running after the COG relocated to the island, and was assigned to get the bases vehicles working. He and his daughters’ arrival in Pelruan increased tension between the Gears and the civilians of Pelruan, who saw him as a Stranded. Dizzy and his daughters joined several other Gears at the local bar, and remarked to them how peaceful the island was. However, some of the towns civilians attempted to kick them out of the bar, but Marcus, Dom, and Bernie stood up for him and defended him since he'd saved Marcus and Dom's lives. The locals backed off, and they were served their drinks. After a little while, an older man approached and asked if Marcus had served at Aspho Fields and had been awarded the Embry Star, and Marcus confirmed he and Dom had gotten that, and Bernie had received the Sovereigns Medal. Dizzy was surprised to learn he was drinking with heroes, but Marcus told him he was just drinking with his buddies. After they left the bar, Dizzy showed the others a truck he had gotten working from VNB, and they debated if it was worth bring Pelruan into the fold. When Teresa asked Bernie if they would be hated everywhere they went, Dizzy and Bernie reassured her that most people would not care. He then said goodbye to the others, and drove his daughters back to VNB.[23] Several weeks later, Dizzy set up a moonshine rig in the Sergeants mess at VNB, and served as the bartender during the opening night.[24]

Stranded Insurgency

"We fought for you. I abandoned my girls for you. Damn it, I busted my ass killin' grubs, and I still ain't human enough for you? You ain't worth it. All you see's this damn hat and a bit o'dirt, and we're all the same. All assholes. Vermin. Well, fuck you."
—Dizzy, losing his temper after being attacked by Jacinto citizens while defending Stranded families who had joined via Operation: Lifeboat

Once the Stranded Insurgency began, Col.Victor Hoffman assigned Dizzy to keep an eye on the Stranded who had accepted amnesty, to make sure none of them were planning anything, and to find out if any of them had family in the insurgency.[25] After the Levanto was destroyed, Dizzy was involved in a near riot between Stranded, Gorasni, and Jacinto citizens. During this incident he attempted to defuse the situation, but was personally insulted by one of the Gorasini, who then tried to punch a Stranded girl. This angered Dizzy and he tried to defend the girl, but then the he was physically attacked by the people from Jacinto because they had grouped him with the Stranded. Marcus, Dom, and Pvt.Samantha Byrne arrived and helped end the fight, but Dizzy was appalled that the Jacinto citizens had attacked him. He shielded the girl, and yelled at the Jacinto citizens for not thinking he was good enough for them. His outburst caused the Jacinto citizens to back off, and Sam had him come with her to get a drink at the bar.[26] The next day, he used Betty's new chain flail attachment to clear the New Jacinto-Pelruan road of mines, where he ran into Hoffman and Anya returning from Pelruan. Hoffman asked him if he could see anything happening on the ground from atop Betty, and he told them that the only thing going on was Indies hunting Stranded Insurgents. Hoffman was surprised, and asked him what he mean, and Dizzy told him that Commander Miran Trescu had taken several of his soldiers and a Stranded prisoner, Nial Enador, into the woods to destroy a Stranded cache. Dizzy disapproved of the action, since it was endangering Nial, and Hoffman thanked him for the information, and Dizzy carried on clearing the road.[27]

Lambent Pandemic

Defending New Jacinto

"Mornin', sweetie. Did you have a restful night? You ready to do a little work for Dizzy? That's my girl."
—Dizzy, as he starts up Betty to begin preparing Vectes's defences

After the destruction of the Emerald Spar Imulsion Platform by the Lambent, the COG began making preparations on Vectes to defend it from attack. Dizzy used Betty to help set up the defenses, and talked with Hoffman while he observed the preparations. Dizzy was worried that the Lambent Polyps would not fall into the traps they were preparing, but Hoffman assured him that if they were presented with bait, they would rush into the trap. He told him they could even use Betty to run them over if needed, but Dizzy was worried that might damage her.[28] Two days later, he took a break in the Sergeants mess with Sam, who he had become fast friends with. Dom arrived, and asked her if she could modify his heart tattoo that had his wife's name in it. Dizzy offered him some moonshine to numb the pain of the process, but Dom turned it down.[29] When a Lambent Leviathan attacked New Jacinto, Dizzy used Betty's mine clearing scooper to bulldoze the Polyps into trenches that had been set on fire. As he brought Betty into position to push the Polyps, he yelled for Cpl.Damon Baird to get out the way before he hit him. Each time a Polyp exploded, Dizzy would let out a loud whoop.[30]

Working on Betty

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Dizzy and Hoffman at Anvil Gate.

Arrival at Anvil Gate

"Colonel, you said this place was the pimply ass-end of Sera. Don't look too bad to me. Kinda scenic."
—Dizzy to Hoffman, after arriving at Anvil Gate

Four days later, Dizzy and the rest of the convoy arrived at Anvil Gate, and stopped outside its entrance, and discovered the area had become heavily forested. Dizzy commented to Hoffman that he had said it was terrible place, but that t now looked nice and scenic. Hoffman told him that the forests had not been there during the Siege of Anvil Gate. After Hoffman handed civilian control of the fort over to Lewis Gavriel, Dizzy and the others entered the fort and set about getting living quarters set up, as well as electricity and a water supply. Dizzy tested the generators and found that they worked, which pleased him. He informed Hoffman, and told him that he had picked a real good spot to move to. Hoffman responded that he was sure everyone would be right at home at Anvegad. Dizzy then directed a crew to get water pumps and lighting working, and succeeded by nightfall.[31]

Dizzy bringing a tow cable to attach to a stuck Packhorse.

Trading with Stranded

"Makin' friends and influencin' people, Pad?"
—Dizzy to Pad, after they disarmed a group of hostile Stranded and left them weaponless

Five months later, Padrick Salton located a Stranded community that was willing to trade fuel for animal furs, and Hoffman agreed to the trade in order to help keep Dizzy's convoys running. Dizzy and Pad were selected to take a fuel truck to the outpost with Nathan driving escort in a Packhorse to make the trade. An hour into the drive, Nathan spotted a roadblock ahead of them, and Dizzy asked Pad if that seemed like something the Stranded he had met would do. Pad noted it was too close for it to be them, and asked Dizzy to stop and let him out. Dizzy asked what he was planning, and Pad told him he was going to take a look around ahead, and for him and Nathan to continue on slowly to give him time. When they reached the roadblock, they found three Stranded guarding the road, and Dizzy told Nathan to stop and take it easy, and that Pad had a plan. The leader of the Stranded demanded that they give them everything they had in exchange for taking up all the local hunting and using their road without permission. Dizzy stalled them by saying they were there first, and Pad arrived and snuck up behind the Stranded leader and forced him to the ground with a Lancer to his head while demanded the other two put down their weapons as well. As they did so, Dizzy and Nathan exited their vehicles to help cover them, and Dizzy ordered them to get on their knees and put their hands behind their heads. They warned off the Stranded and told them not to mess with any more of their convoys, and took their weapons before heading out again. An hour later, they reached the friendly Stranded outpost, and Dizzy asked if they were civilized people. Pad remarked they were all Stranded now, and that he had spent a long time among people like them. Dizzy asked if he was ever going to talk about that, but Pad told him that that was all in the past. They made the trade and began heading back to the fort, but encountered icy conditions on the way. Nathan's Packhorse became stuck in a hole, and Dizzy attached a rope to it to pull it out. Once they succeeded, they examined the hole and Pad realized it was an Emergence Hole. Dizzy was worried Locust were nearby, but Pad assured him it was old and collapsed, but commented that he had seen enough of Locust tunnels for one lifetime. Three weeks later, Dizzy was leading another convoy with Sgt.Drew Rossi manning a machine gun on their his truck. He remarked that it was getting to be spring time, and that Bernie had told him about some wine he could make from birch sap. Rossi suggested that was rather upmarket of him, but Dizzy laughed and said he was only going to distill it, not drink it. They then came under fire from the Kashkur Foothills, and Dizzy began driving evasively while Rossi covered the other vehicles in the convoy. They exited the fire zone, and Rossi remarked that it was the first time they had come under fire there. Dizzy suggested it could be the Stranded they had encountered a few weeks ago, and they headed back to Anvegad at full speed to inform the others about the attack.[32]

Victory Day

Dizzy greeting Delta after being reunited with them.

Reuniting with Delta
"I wasn't expectin' to run into you boys again!"
—Dizzy, to Delta after they saved him from the Locust

Around fourteen months later, Dizzy was returning from trading with a Stranded group when he found an old garrison in the Anvegad Plains that had a huge ammo supply. As he tried to recover the ammo, Dizzy was attacked and pinned down by two Gas Barges. Dizzy called for backup as he tried to hold off the Locust, and was answered by Marcus. Dizzy was astonished to hear from him, and Marcus told him that he and Delta were approaching on a third Gas Barge. Dizzy was astonished that they had hijacked a Gas Barge, and told him that they hangers on them. Marcus told him they would be there to help in a second, and destroyed the two Gas Barges before dropping down. Marcus asked him if he had decided to take on the Locust army again single handedly, and Dizzy told him he guessed he should have learned his lesson against Skorge. Dom told him it looked like he had learned plenty, and Dizzy and Delta proceeded to wipe out the attacking Locust. Dizzy warmly greeted his old friends, and asked them to help grab as much ammo as they could for the fort. Marcus told him they had come to see Hoffman, and asked if he still had the data disc of Prescott's that they had been unable to crack. Dizzy said that Hoffman was still cussing about it, and asked if they had found a way to open it. Marcus told him it was a long story, and that they should grab the supplies and go. Dizzy opened the armory up for them, and they loaded up on as many weapons as they could. As they returned to the barge, more Locust arrived, and Dizzy and Delta were forced to kill them all before reboarding the ship. After getting aboard, they were attacked by more Gas Barges and Reavers, and worked to fight them off, and also spotted a massive Locust force moving on the ground toward Anvil Gate. Queen Myrrah then arrived aboard her Tempest, which brought down their Gas Barge.[33] They crashed, but Dizzy and the others survived, and were found by Hoffman and other Gears from the fort. They told them about the Locust, and headed back to the fort in two trucks.[34]

Dizzy telling everyone that as long as they can get some fuel for the submarine then he can take care of the rest

Battle of Anvil Gate
"Those gates ain't gonna hold much longer!"
—Dizzy, as the Locust assaulted Anvil Gate

After reaching Anvil Gate, the Locust began their assault, and Dizzy joined the other Gears in defending the fort. The Locust attacked with an entire battalion, and focused their fire on destroying the front gate. Dizzy and the others were forced to fall back to successive defensive points within the fort, but the Locust kept overwhelming them until they had been forced back to the motor pool. There, they used the "Last Resort", a Imulsion fuel tank which they dropped onto the Locust, which wiped them out.[34] After another Locust and then Lambent attack was repealed and the rest of Delta arrived, the data disc was decrypted, and they gained the location of Azura, the island where Prescott had been holding Marcus' father, Professor Adam Fenix, and that had been captured by the Locust several days ago. After learning that the island was hidden and protected by a Maelstrom Barrier, Hoffman recommended that they use an old submarine that was located at Endeavor Naval Shipyard, but Baird doubted it would be seaworthy. Dizzy told him that that was where he came in, and explained that he was ex-merchant navy, and he could fix, drive, and fuel the submarine if they could find it and the needed fuel. Dom said they could find fuel at Mercy or Char. Dizzy and the others set about preparing supplies and vehicles for the mission,[35] and in the morning, he set off in a fuel tanker with Marcus, Dom, Anya, Sam, and Pvt.Jace Stratton driving alongside him in two pickup trucks.[36]

Skirmish in Concord
"Comin' through! Wooo-wee-haw!"
—Dizzy, as he drives through a Locust barricade

As they drove through the city of Concord, they encountered a large Imulsion field had emerged in the middle of the highway. As they drove through it, Dizzy spotted Reavers approaching and called out a warning to the others. They defended the rig with Vulcan Cannons as they navigated the field and broken highway, eventually killing them all and getting back on the road. When they spotted a Locust roadblock in their path, Marcus ordered Dizzy to plow through it in the tanker. Dizzy hollered with joy as he did so, but then spotted baby Corpsers in their path. He ran a few over, but the mother Corpser then attacked them, collapsing the highway. They managed to blind the monster and return to the highway, and entered Concord Air Base, with Dizzy smashing through another roadblock for the others. They came under heavy fire, and Marcus asked him how he was holding up. Dizzy told him he was glad the rig was empty, and continued to smash through Locust roadblocks for the others. Dizzy stopped for a moment when the others got stuck in a ditch, and joined back up with them once the managed to free their vehicles. The others drove ahead and cleared the way of Locust, including a Brumak, and Dizzy smashed through one final barricade to escape the air base. He commented to the others that the fuel rig had taken so much fire that it now had more holes in it than his shorts, and noted they should arrive at Mercy within a few hours.[36]

Marcus telling Dizzy and Jace to wait by the truck.

Mission to Mercy
"We gotta get that pipeline workin' first. I know we're in the shit, but that sub ain't gonna run on piss and moonshine!"
—Dizzy to Marcus, after he told him they needed to stop the Lambent Humans from escaping Mercy

Upon arriving in Mercy, they located a gas station, but no Stranded. Marcus told Dizzy that he had said the town was populated, and Dizzy told him that it had been extremely busy just a few months ago. Dom remarked that fuel depots were not abandoned for any reason, and Marcus told everyone to keep an eye out for Locust. Dizzy then checked the fuel pumps, and was annoyed to discover that the main pump had been shut down, and the ones at the station were empty. Dizzy and Jace stayed with the vehicles while Marcus, Dom, Anya, and Sam went deeper into Mercy to see if they could find the controls to the pumping station. Several minutes later, Marcus contacted Dizzy and told him they had encountered Lambent Humans. Dizzy was horrified, and Marcus told him that they needed to find a way to stop them from getting out. Dizzy told him he understood, but that they needed to get the fuel first if they had any hope of making it to Azura on the submarine.[37] Eventually Marcus contacted him again and said the fuel was online, and that they were on their way back. As Dizzy filled up the tanker, Jace spotted Locust approaching, and Dizzy discovered that the tanker was spewing fuel from the shots it had taken during the journey to the city. He attempted to plug them, but contacted Marcus and told him it would take time. Marcus told him to forget about it and get to the pickup, and he joined Jace at it. When they spotted the others coming out from an air raid shelter, Dizzy called out to them that they were ready to go, but the Locust arrived and opened fire on the Gears, cutting the others off from the pickup. They engaged the Locust, but Lambent Humans began attacking as well, and stalks emerged and began spewing Lambent. As they others attempted to join them, Dom got cut off, and he entered the fuel truck. He drove it away from the battle, and then turned back, ramming the cab into the fuel tanker, causing it to explode. Dizzy and the others took cover from the explosion, which wiped out the attacking Lambent and Locust, but left nothing behind of Dom to recover.[38]

Mission to Char

Dizzy getting taken hostage by Griffin's men.

"Goddamn it, get your hands off me! Marcus, they jumped me and took the truck they... unh..."
—Dizzy, as he explains to Marcus about what happened, before a Stranded grabbed him by the throat

Dizzy drove the remaining members of Delta to the city of Char, where they ran out of gas at the cities edge. Jace was disturbed by the city, and asked if people really still lived there, and Dizzy told him they did, but they were not very welcoming to outsiders. Marcus told him that they were out of choices, and that they needed to find fuel there if they had any hope of making it to the shipyard. Dizzy stayed behind to guard the truck, and after a couple minutes, Marcus contacted him and said they had not encountered anyone so far. He told them that he could guarantee that they had been spotted, and warned them not to take any crazy risks, but his transmission was garbled and they could not make out what he had said. Not long after this, Dizzy was jumped by several Stranded and disarmed. He and the truck were taken to Griffin Tower, where he was kept as a prisoner. When the rest of Delta arrived there, Aaron Griffin showed them the captured Dizzy, intending to use him as collateral to make sure they found his fuel. Dizzy told the others what had happened, but was cut off when one of the Stranded holding him grabbed him by the throat to shut him up. Marcus and the others agreed to get the fuel for Griffin in order to get Dizzy back.[39]

"I knew you'd make it Marcus!"
—Dizzy, after Marcus and the others rescued him from the Locust

Dizzy was freed when the Locust attacked Griffin Tower, and he participated in the towers defense. He spotted Queen Myrrah attacking the tower on her Tempest, and managed to make contact with Marcus. Marcus told him they were on the way back with the fuel, but Dizzy told him to hold off, and explained that Myrrah was attacking. Marcus said they could see, and told him to keep his head down while they came to rescue him, and to try and make it to the roof. Dizzy worked with Griffin and the other Stranded to fight up to the roof, but the others were all killed except for Griffin. Dizzy contacted Marcus, and told him that the situation was bad, and that they could not hold out much longer. Marcus told him to hang on, but he and Griffin became pinned down on the far end of the roof. Dizzy told Marcus where they were, and he told Dizzy that he and the others had reached the roof and would reach him soon. Dizzy and Griffin managed to hold out against the Queen's Guard long enough for the rest of Delta to arrive and rescue them. Dizzy laughed and told Marcus he had known he would make it, and watched as Marcus and Griffin confronted each other. They then departed Char, taking with them the fuel they needed to reach Endeavour.[40]

Dizzy explaining why they need a smaller submarine.

Mission to Endeavor
"But this is just what we need, son. A small one's going to be a lot easier to sneak into Azura! Y'see, size ain't everything!"
—Dizzy, after Jace remarked that the submarine was a lot smaller than he thought it would be

Dizzy drove the pickup to Endeavor, bashing through a Locust roadblock that had been set up at the entrance, killing the guards there. They jumped out of the vehicle and assaulted the entrenched Locust forces, fighting through several guards, Boomers, and Shriekers. They entered the first hanger, and found a rusted ship and extremely large webs. Sam asked Dizzy if the submarine was something they could not miss, and he reassured her they were not going to trip over it. He wondered what the webs were, and Sam remarked that they did not look like any spider webs she had ever seen. Anya then asked how the five of them would operate a submarine, but he told her that that was what he was there for. They exited the hanger and crossed a bridge over to the next one, but encountered Locust on the other side. They unleashed Giant Serapedes against the Gears, and Dizzy commented that he had never seen ones that big before. They managed to defeat them and enter the second hanger,[41] where they found the CNV Adamant. Dizzy was happy to see it was still in one piece, but Jace remarked that he had thought it would the length of a Thrashball field. Dizzy told him that a smaller submarine would make it easier to infiltrate Azura, and that it was not size that mattered. He then began inspecting the vessel, and informed Marcus that the ship needed a new rotor, as well as fuel.[42]

Dizzy inspecting the CNV Adamant.

"Marcus, I'll have this filly runnin' smooth as a fancy gold watch 'for you know it."
—Dizzy to Marcus, about the CNV Adamant

Dizzy stayed behind in the hanger with the submarine to work on it as the others searched for the needed supplies. They decided to look for the rotor first, and Dizzy asked them if they knew what they were looking for. Marcus said it was a round heavy thing with fan blades on the end, which Dizzy figured was correct enough. After a while, Marcus contacted him and said they had found the rotor, and Dizzy promised he would get the ship working before Marcus knew it. Marcus then asked if it was quiet on his end, and Dizzy told him that no Locust had bothered him yet. Dizzy met them at the entrance to the hanger, and remarked that the rotor would do nicely, and that it would not take him long to install it. Delta then left again to find the fuel, and returned not long after with a container of fuel, which Dizzy put into the submarine. Dizzy then operated the hangers’ pulley system to guide the submarine to the dock so it could be deployed into the ocean. Delta guarded the vessel along the way, taking out dozens of Locust. Once the water basin was filled up at the end of the dock, Dizzy lowered the Adamant down and joined the others on the dock before departing.[42]

Crossing the Serano Ocean
"Whoo, baby- damn! For a minute there I thought we were gonna end up like the rest of them shipwrecks!"
—Dizzy, after they escaped the Leviathan

Dizzy began piloting the ship across the Serano Ocean to Azura, and a day into their journey, Dizzy had the others get into their gun turrets to defend the ship as they approached the island. Dizzy piloted them through a sunken city, where they were attacked by several large fish, which Delta attempted to drive off as they rammed the hull. Dizzy dived the vessel deeper into the ocean to escape them, and shut of the ships lights so they could not be found. However, they heard something even larger approaching, and Marcus ordered Dizzy to turn the lights back on. They spotted a Leviathan bearing down on them, and Dizzy barely managed to avoid its jaws in time. He began fleeing the creature as the others tried to hold it off, and Dizzy attempted to use mines to force it to go away. That did not work, so he located a tunnel and entered it, and the Leviathan became stuck and caused part of the tunnel to collapse, killing it. The Adamant then got caught up in a whirlpool as it exited the tunnel, but Dizzy managed to regain control and escape it. They then located Azura, and after Delta defeated the underwater defenses around the island, they located a secret entrance. After they blasted it open, Dizzy warned them that they would likely face more defenses, and to be quick about destroying them since he would not be able to dodge them in the tunnel. They managed to destroy the defenses and reach the Azura dockyards, and Dizzy commented to Marcus that his father was going to be real happy to see him.[43] They found the bodies of dozens of civilians who had been killed by the Locust during the capture of the island, and Jace sarcastically commented that it was nice of Prescott to tell them that they had shipped people out here. Dizzy told him that they had shipped out the important people who were "worth" saving, while they were not. Dizzy dropped off Delta on the dock. Marcus told him to hide with the submarine under water in case they needed a quick escape, and Dizzy wished them good luck and told them they would meet up again.[44]

Battle of Azura

Dizzy reuniting with everyone after the battle.

Once the battle had been won, the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon was activated and wiped out all the Lambent and Locust on Sera. However, Adam died during the battle, sacrificing himself to ensure the weapon worked properly. Dizzy went ashore with Sam and Jace, joining the hundreds of other Gears who had arrived with Cole and Baird as backup. As they celebrated outside of Pinnacle Tower, Dizzy conversed with the rest of Delta, until they noticed that Marcus and Anya were sitting on the beach. They moved over to look at them, and stared out at the setting sun, contemplating how they had finally won the war and a second chance for humanity.[45]

Interwar Period

Dizzy Wallin's current fate is unknown, but he lived to see the end of the Locust War and Lambent Pandemic, and into a new era of peace for humanity to rebuild.

Personality and Traits

Dizzy is a chain smoker and wears a damaged and dirty cowboy hat to complement his Stranded appearance. He has a very joking personality, but is also a very brave and loyal Gear, shown when he attempted to take on Skorge by himself to cover Delta-Ones escape in the grindlifts. He had a permanent patient good nature, which he only lost after he saw a Gorasni attack a little Stranded girl.[46] Despite being a former Stranded, he is a trusted Gear with Hoffman giving him the responsibility to keep an eye on the Stranded who accepted amnesty and report back to him. As a result of his defense of them, Delta Squad considers him a good and trusted friend and not a Stranded with Dom Santiago hoping his wife Maria ended up with Stranded like Dizzy who would have taken care of her. Dizzy is also very loyal to his two daughters, having taken up the job as a Gear in order to give them a better life. After he reunited with them, it seemed to do him some good to have them back in his life. Dizzy is also an excellent mechanic as shown when he fixes Betty and the submarine Delta takes to Azura and can drive a number of vehicles from Assault Derricks to submarines, an ability he picked up in the merchant navy.


"They're Molesting my Betty!"
—When D11 was attacked.
"Aw, shit boy, that ain't gonna work, they call it bulletproof for a reason!"
—When Sgt.Fenix opened fire on the captured Rig G53
"Damn, it's darker then a rat's ass in here! Lemme light up Betty's titties."
—When activating his Derrick's front lights in the Landown tunnel.
"It looks like I've been beatin' Betty for rent money! Now that ain't right!"
—When his Derrick gets damaged.
"Don't worry. I got your back like a butt-crack."
—When the Gears are fighting the Tickers in the tunnel.
"Well, let's go chunk some bullets at them grubs!"
—When introducing himself to Sergeant Fenix.
"What the hell happened to Lola?"
—To Tai after the rig he was riding on was destroyed by Tickers.

Appearance Gallery

Behind the scenes

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  • Dizzy is voiced by Peter Jason.
  • Dizzy's character is based on gypsies.[47]
  • Dizzy's last name was originally spelled as "Walen" on his Gears of War 2 concept artwork but was changed to "Wallin".[48]
  • In multiplayer, if Dizzy is "downed" and "revived" enough times (usually varies from once to twice), occasionally knocked over/thrown around by a smoke grenade, or shot in the head, he will lose his hat, revealing that he wears a do-rag similar to Marcus Fenix's under it, but covered in the regular bandana print.
  • Dizzy is one of the most photo-realistic characters in Gears of War 2.
  • At some point before Operation: Hollow Storm, Dizzy had sent in a Munitions Request, asking Command for more ammo aboard the rigs. He mentions it in a sarcastic remark, saying, "we got more buzzards than bullets. That ain't right!" This Munitions Request is a Collectible and can be found in the beginning of Act 1, Chapter 2: Rolling Thunder.[49]
  • On Dizzy's character model, his toes are visible on his right boot.




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