"Woah! Those little Shits can dig UNDER cover!"
Damon Baird when first encountering the Digger

Diggers were small burrowing creatures enslaved by the Savage Locust for use as explosive projectiles that are fired from the Digger Launcher. When fired, they burrow under the ground behind cover, then pop up and explode in the air, killing the enemies in that cover. They can burrow through dirt, rock and wood.

When fired into a target, the digger will latch on to the target and chew into its chest before exploding inside the victim.


Locust WarEdit

Destruction of Halvo BayEdit

During the Destruction of Halvo Bay, Locust General Karn attached some kind of Digger Launcher to Shibboleth's prosthetic leg, way before anyone else used such a weapon.

Lambent PandemicEdit

After the Flooding of the Hollow, Boomers were left to wander around the surface without their trusty Boomshot Grenade Launchers. They eventually harnessed Diggers and created the Digger Launcher, which was similar to Karn's in design.

Behind The scenesEdit

  • Cliff Bleszinski has commented that "If you listen closely, as the Digger is heading for you, you can hear it say "Nom nom nom nom nom." [1]
  • Like the Bolo Grenade, the digger beeps before exploding, give the player half a second to roll away.
  • The Digger will latch on to the enemy and chew him or her to death and explode, in multiplayer or single-player campaign mode.


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