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The Destruction of Old Town was one of the first battles during the Destruction of Halvo Bay, in which the Old Town district near the the Museum of Military Glory was under attack and destroyed by Locust and COG forces. Zamil Karn intended on setting up his forward operations base at the Museum of Military Glory due to its size, location and thick walls. He then emerged with his Shibboleth mount, destroyed the surrounding area known as Old Town, and began its attack on the Museum of Military Glory. The remainder of Old Town was then destroyed by the COG using the Hammer of Dawn and later Lightmass Missile.


Six weeks after Emergence Day, the Locust Horde began a massive attack on Halvo Bay. The army was led by Zamil Karn, who had completed a successful campaign of destroying the entire Republic of Gorasnaya - killing over eight million people. Halvo Bay was attacked due to its heavy military presence, such as the Onyx Guard and Halvo Bay Military Academy. Occupying Halvo Bay would mean gaining massive spoils of war. However, a forwarding operations base was needed within Halvo Bay. Zamil Karn, with his Shibboleth mount, emerged in Halvo Bay's Old Town district to take the Museum of Military Glory as its forwarding base.

Order of Battle[]

Rendezvous with Supply Convoy[]

Shortly after departing from Col. Loomis, Lt. Baird led Kilo Squad in the Oldtown District. Their mission was to rendezvous with the supply convoy in the area. As Kilo Squad navigated the area, a large creature emerged in the district, destroyed a nearby building, and began to head towards the supply convoy. Kilo Squad was then cut off by the collapsed building and took an alternate path in the alleyways. Pvt. Paduk was able to recognize the creature that had emerged, but did not say what it was.

Passing through a courtyard, Kilo Squad was attacked by a squad of Drones and Wretches. Kilo Squad managed to defeat the Locust squad in a brief firefight. As Kilo Squad approached the supply convoy, they discovered pools of Imulsion in the streets with the remains of Wretches. Lt. Baird then realized that what he once believed as stories were now true, that other units talked about glowing Wretches that were full of Imulsion and would explode upon death.

Kilo Squad arrived to the supply convoy, but they were too late. A large Emergence Hole had opened in the street and the creature that had came out destroyed the convoy while Drones and Lambent Wretches then came to finish off the stragglers, done only a few minutes. The remaining Drones and Lambent Wretches then attacked Kilo, but were defeated. A small Emergence Hole then opened to bring in Grinders, but were killed also by Kilo Squad.

After finding no survivors from the supply convoy, Lt. Baird radioed Col. Loomis - informing him of the destruction of their entire convoy. Col. Loomis then ordered Kilo Squad to move on to the Museum of Military Glory, as it was under attack. Lt. Baird argued that the creature that destroyed the convoy was still around, with Kilo Squad wanting to kill the creature. Col. Loomis noted Lt. Baird's concern and ordered them to move out to the Museum.

Hammer of Dawn Strikes[]

From Kilo Squad's location, they were at the river canal in the Old Town district, and the Museum of Military Glory was on the other side - the side of the river that was no longer controlled by the COG. Lt. Baird then led Kilo Squad through a winery to reach the canals - impressing both Pvt. Cole and Pvt. Paduk. The squad then found a killed civilian at the end of the winery with a GZ18 Markza Sniper Rifle in her hands, much to Kilo Squad's surprise and Pvt. Paduk's admiration.

Upon reaching the canals, unauthorized Hammer of Dawn strikes began to hit parts of the Old Town district. Kilo Squad's radios were down and were forced to rush through the area before the whole district would be destroyed in less than four minutes. However, along the canal, Kilo Squad was met by Locust. Lt. Baird used a nearby Mortar to quickly eliminate the Drones and Boomers on the side of the canal. Walking up the riverside, Kilo Squad was then attacked by a group of Wretches, but managed to eliminate them.

Towards the end of the timer, they reached the courtyard that could connect them to the Museum of Military Glory's rear entrance. The area was heavily guarded with Troika Heavy Machine Guns and over a dozen Drones. After eliminating the Drones, several Emergence Holes opened in the courtyard. With the upper hand advantage and Troikas, Kilo Squad was able to defend themselves against the Drones, Boomers, and Tickers. Kilo Squad then managed to open the doors and escape the area before the Hammer strikes.

Battle of the Museum Gardens[]

Lt. Baird then decided to navigate through the buildings rather than the streets due to them being abandoned and with plenty of cover. Before arriving to the Museum Gardens, Kilo Squad was almost completely out of ammunition. They discovered a crate of Locust weapons such as the Hammerburst Assault Rifle, Sawed-Off Shotgun, and One-Shot. These weapons were prohibited from using by Gears, but Lt. Baird understood that to survive in this war - they needed to adapt. Armed with Locust weaponry, Kilo Squad entered the Museum Gardens.

The Gears and Onyx Guard inside the museum were opening fire on the Locust who were arriving in the Museum Gardens. As Kilo Squad approached, a squad of Kantuses emerged to assist the Locust. Drones, Kantuses, and Tickers attacked Kilo Squad in the Gardens while the balcony above was situated with Drones firing One-Shots. Kilo Squad managed to evade One-Shot sights while slowly navigating the Gardens and eliminating the Locust forces. After clearing the Gardens, a counterattack ensued behind them as Kantuses and Boomers emerged from the buildings and onto the streets. Kilo managed to defeat the patrol, secure the Gardens, and entered the Museum of Military Glory.


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