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"Colonel, everyone in Halvo Bay is going to die..."
—Lt. Damon Baird

The Destruction of Halvo Bay was a three month long battle and one of the largest battles to take place in the early stages of the Locust War.[1] Thousands of Onyx Guards and Gears, led by Colonel Ezra Loomis, fought against the Personal Guard of Locust General Karn in the streets of Halvo Bay and Onyx Point. Colonel Loomis, a Pendulum Wars hero who had spent twenty years fighting the UIR, was unable to adapt to fighting the Locust Horde. The Locust, who were led by E-Day planner General Karn, had just arrived from his early victory at the UIR rogue state of Gorasnaya. During the height of the battle, Colonel Loomis had Kilo Squad tried in a military tribunal without legal representation for a series of crimes. The Locust Horde military strategy contradicted COG military intelligence, and thus the COG were unprepared for an intelligent enemy.[2] However, the COG scored a slight victory by killing General Karn during the conflict.

Order of Battle[]

Attack on Halvo Bay[]

Halvo Bay burning.

During the initial stages of the Locust assault on Halvo Bay, Brigadier General Rovik was killed along with an untold number of Gears and civilians.[3] After the death of General Rovik, command fell upon Col. Ezra Loomis of the Onyx Guard. The civilian population started to be evacuated during this time, though many civilians had already been slaughtered by the Locust. Thousands of Gears began mobilizing across the city in defensive positions, mainly around COG military installations and refugee checkpoints. Halvo Bay airport was used as an evacuation center before General Karn targeted the airport to exploit the COG's defense of civilians and stretch their resources thin. COG military control was established at various military sites, such as the Museum of Military Glory, Onyx Point, the Endeavor Naval Shipyard and Halvo Bay Military Academy.

Evacuation of Halvo Bay[]

With the Locust assault fully underway in Halvo Bay, the COG began evacuating the civilian population across the military town. From the Seahorse Hills to Old Town, the COG set up evacuation centers for civilians until the Locust began overwhelming the checkpoints across Seahorse and the civilians fled to the roofs of Old Town.

In Old Town, the military parade celebrating the end of the Pendulum Wars was still set up and the Locust emerged all across the parade grounds. The civilian population began retreating to the top of the buildings, hoping the emerging Locust could not reach them. During the evacuation of Old Town, SPC. Yalovsky was killed when the Gear tried to save a civilian from falling into an Emergence Hole in the Wharf district of the city. Several more Gear officers were lost in Oldtown, including Major Moreno, who was cornered by a Locust with a Cleaver.[4] On the rooftops of Old Town, Sgt. Vietzen fell to his death on a makeshift bridge used by the civilians and Gears to get across the rooftops. Col. Bishop was directing civilians to better cover when a Torque Bow round killed him.

With the Locust overrunning the refugees on the rooftops, 1st Lt. Corbin was killed while trying to get civilians to higher ground. The Locust eventually overran all of the Gears' positions on the rooftops, killing the remaining Gears. They gained control of the buildings that overlooked the Museum square, but some civilians managed to hide from the Locust and survive on the rooftops. After heavy losses in Seahorse Hills and Old Town, the COG military's defense of the Museum of Military Glory became a first priority.

Halvo Bay Military Academy Overrun[]

General Karn's forces overran the Academy.

During the all-out assault on Halvo Bay, General Karn attacked the Halvo Bay Military Academy and quickly overran the academy grounds. During the attack on Enfield Bridge, Pvt. Felhofer was killed while drawing enemy fire to cover his squadmates.[5] Major Bixhorn, the highest-ranking known Gear stationed at the Academy, was killed by a Reaver that left him mortally wounded, causing him to bleed out hours after being hit.[6] After taking the bridge, the Locust assaulted the courtyard and launched a Ticker assault that killed SSgt. Sullivan.[7] Several E-Holes opened up inside the school, one of which killed Andrade. During the room-to-room fighting inside the academy, Ragers were used by the Locust Horde, where they managed to kill a great number of Cadets and Gears, including Pvt. Perham.[8] The Locust killed all of the Onyx Cadets and Gear soldiers defending the school. The last standing Gear, Spc. Alexieff, was killed by General Karn’s forces. The Locust left a defensive force around the compound and several checkpoints in front of Enfield Bridge and inside of the academy grounds. The COG would send King Ravens on recon missions over the academy grounds to search for survivors, but none were found.[9]

Seahorse Hills massacre[]

During the battle for Halvo Bay, Seahorse Hills, a notable and rich neighborhood located on the outskirts of the city, was in the process of being evacuated. The COG army was able to set up several checkpoints and ordered all civilians in the neighborhood to have their identification ready. But the Locust Horde attacked Seahorse Hills and a massacre quickly began instead of a battle. The Locust used mortars to rain fire on Gears and the civilians that they were protecting. Pvt. Sutton was killed when he tried to save a wounded comrade. The Locust also used Boomers to help overtake the defenses around Seahorse. A round from a Boomer took out Pvt. Reid's transport, killing him. Pvt. Grachev and his squad also engaged the Locust, but Reid was killed by a stray bullet. The fighting reached its highest point when some Gears, like Pvt. Hogina, committed suicide. The Locust Horde was eventually able to take over most of Seahorse Hills and destroyed the remaining opposition around the refugee checkpoints. The only remaining area of Seahorse that was not under Locust control was a single mansion that had its own defense network. The Locust used the refugee checkpoint outside of the fortified mansion and set up defensive barriers on the two lane street and raised their banner over the remains of the dead Gear soldiers.[10]

Battle for Halvo Bay's airport[]

"Colonel, Omega-Two just took out the airport Seeder sir. Sir can you hear me?"
—A Gear reporting to Col. Loomis on the battle for the airport.

During the battle for Halvo Bay, the airport changed hands several times between the COG and Locust Horde. Omega-Two, commanded by Sgt. Marcus Fenix,[4] was tasked with taking out a very large Seeder that was located in the airport. The large Seeder was responsible for disrupting communications around Halvo Bay. Omega-Two was able to take out the Seeder, but when a Gear soldier reported to Col. Loomis that Karn was leading the counter-attack atop his Shibboleth with three Seeders behind him, Loomis did not care about the Gear’s concern and ordered the Gear to attack and drive the Locust back into the ocean or face an execution. The Gear was killed live on the radio. The situation at the airport left evacuation there impossible.[10]

Fall of Onyx Point[]

The Locust Horde took Onyx Point early in the battle.

Onyx Point, a secret COG military island base located in the heart of the bay, also came under attack by the Locust. The base contained a large Garrison of Gear soldiers and fortifications around the island, but also contained a Lightmass Missile. General Karn launched an amphibious attack on the island which lead to heavy COG losses. Captain White was leading Gear soldiers during the defense of the island fortress until he was killed by Theron Guards with Cleavers. CW2. O'Neill was killed by a sniper while trying to radio Command for reinforcements.[11] Several Kantus priests were used to support the Locust and they used their Ink Grenades to kill Gear soldiers, including Pvt. Newman. After a prolonged battle, 2Lt. Zhang ordered a retreat to the central area of the base, but he was killed during the fallback. 2Lt. Garoon was able to shut down the main elevator to Onyx Point's main armory, denying the Locust access to COG made munitions, but he was killed during his heroic act. After the island fortress was conquered, Karn left an occupation force in charge of protecting the island.[12]

The Fall of Endeavor Naval Base[]

Pvt. Cole looking over the aftermath of the Endeavor Naval Base after General Karn attacked it.

"Karn's taken the port. I had friends stationed there."
—Cadet Sofia Hendrik

General Karn atop, his Shibboleth mount, attacked Endeavor Naval Base and destroyed the COG forces located there along with two Raven’s Nest Class carriers. One was split in half and the stern of the ship was sent crashing against Onyx Point. The second carrier was on fire still in dock at Endeavor Naval Shipyard. After capturing the base, Karn and his forces moved deeper into the city where heavy fighting could be seen from Onyx Point. The destruction of the naval base had a negative morale effect on Kilo Squad since they had several friends stationed at the port.[13]

The Trial of Kilo Squad[]

Kilo Squad at the beginning of their trial.

Kilo Squad, a Gear squad made up of new recruits, an Onyx Cadet, and a former Major in the UIR of Republic of Gorasnaya, was placed under military tribunal for a series of crimes against the COG. Colonel Loomis ordered the four Gears to testify what they did during the battle for Halvo Bay. Baird was the first to testify on their conduct followed by Sofia, Paduk, Cole and Baird himself again. During the trial, the Locust attacked the courtroom and the Onyx Guard had to keep them busy. At one point, the Locust managed to penetrate the courtroom, but they were all killed and Colonel Loomis continued the trial regardless of the increasing threat.

Old Town ambushed[]

The aftermath of one of Karn's ambushes on a military convoy.

A COG military convoy was advancing through Old Town when Kilo Squad, led by Lieutenant Damon Baird, was ordered by Colonel Loomis to help guard it. The convoy was protected by half a company of Gear soldiers. Kilo Squad, moving on foot towards the convoy, noticed that something underground was beating them to the convoy. Only Pvt. Garron Paduk knew that it was General Karn. Kilo Squad battled their way towards the convoy only to find it was already destroyed by a group of Lambent Wretches.[14]

With nearly half a company of Gears dead and the convoy destroyed, Kilo was ordered back to the Museum of Military Glory to help defend it. Battling past the Lambent Wretches and other Locust forces around the convoy site, Kilo Squad made it to an underground wine cellar. The Museum was located across the river under Locust controlled territory and Kilo hoped that the underground path would help them avoid unwanted attention. However, while this almost worked, someone in COG Command ordered that the Riverwalk district be a free fire zone for the Hammer of Dawn and Kilo only had minutes to battle through it. Hitting an unexpected Locust Outpost, Kilo was able to overcome the defenses and Locust reinforcements around the outpost and exit the area before the Hammer of Dawn was used.[15]

Kilo Squad, now in the garden of the Museum of Military Glory, found out that the Locust Horde led by Kantus had besieged the front entrance to the building and killed all the Onyx soldiers defending the balcony. The Locust, using One-Shots and Kantus to help defend the newly conquered area, tried their best to stop Kilo from overrunning them, but Lt. Baird and his Gears were able to recapture the balcony until Locust reinforcements arrived from several E-Holes opening up in the garden area and Boomers along with Drones started emerging. Kilo Squad was able to defend the area using only Locust weapons and the One-Shot.[14] After securing the area, Kilo moved into the Museum to help the Onyx Guard defend it.

Defending the Museum of Military Glory[]

Rushing to the outer defenses of the Museum.

Once inside the museum, Black-Four, still reeling over the loss of all of the Gears defending the Garden, was shocked that regular Gears were there to relieve them. The Onyx Guards dismissed them and reminded Sofia Hendrik that she was still a cadet.[16] Black-Four ordered Kilo to defend the Great Hall from any invading Locust while they went to help defend the East Wing which was under heavy attack. Kilo Squad began setting up defense turrets around their barricades, but they soon noticed that the Locust where also using Nemacyst in the attack.[14] Kilo Squad was able to repel several waves of Locust troops attacking their positions, but Black-Four reported that they were losing the East Wing and needed reinforcements from any Gears in the area, but failed to state that they had lost the Kashkur Wing of the Museum.

The Locust had fortified their hold on the Kashkur Wing and had the elite Cyclops drones defending the hard point too.[14] Kilo Squad was able to defeat the elite drones and take out the Locust checkpoint and fight off Locust reinforcements from both sides of the Kashkur Wing. Now in the East Wing, Black-Four told Kilo Squad they were needed to defend the East Wing by themselves since Black-Four was needed outside in the Museum grounds where a large Locust was attacking the Museum. Lt. Baird, finding the armor of Nassar Embry located in the East Wing, felt that it was his patriotic duty to defend the valued armor.[14] Kilo Squad began to set up several sentry turrets around the East Wing and waited for the Locust to attack. Kilo Squad protected the East Wing and Embry’s armor from several Locust assaults until the Locust gave up their effort to take that section of the Museum. After holding another section of the museum, Kilo Squad watched in horror as General Karn’s Shibboleth attacked the museum from the windows of the East Wing. Kilo Squad moved from that position in the East Wing and went under the Museum through the archives and vault room in the hopes of catching up with other Onyx Gears.

On the stairs of the archives, Baird and Sofia pressed Paduk on what he knew about Karn, although Paduk was dismissive about what he knew. Kilo Squad, now in the archives section of the museum, had discovered an unknown group of eggs had been laid. Lt. Baird and Kilo decided that they needed to destroy all ten groups of eggs before they hatched. Kilo soon discovered that the eggs belong to a Giant Serapede that had killed any Gears inside of the archives building.[14] After clearing out the eggs, Kilo entered the main area of the archives, only to find more dead Gears, Lambent Wretches and more Serapedes. In the rear section of the archives, a group of Locust emerged with a Grinder laying down suppressing fire for them. Kilo was able to take out both the Grinder and the Drones; during the crossfire, a wall was destroyed that allowed Kilo to exit the archives and into the Vault room where a large Emergence Hole was, and the dust in the room impaired the vision of Kilo Squad.[14] Fighting in close hand to hand combat, Kilo was able to retake the Vault room and exit back to the ground level of the museum. In the hallway, where several dead Gears littered the ground, Kilo Squad saw firsthand the aftermath of the fighting on the ground level and that General Karn had taken the Museum and killed all of the Gears there aside from Kilo.

"Colonel, some grub riding a monster just wiped out ever rifle at the museum."
—Lt. Baird reporting to Colonel Loomis

General Karn after seizing the Museum of Military Glory.

Lt. Baird reestablished contact with Control and gave Colonel Loomis a firsthand account on how every Gear in the Museum of Military Glory was dead except for Kilo Squad. Colonel Loomis was unconcerned by the losses that the COG army was taking while defending the building, until Pvt. Paduk told him that Karn was responsible for destroying his homeland in a matter of days. Loomis, still not over the Pendulum Wars, was glad that Karn could kill so many UIR soldiers and civilians, but was unconcerned by Karn’s tactical abilities. Cadet Sofia Hendrick recommended using the Lightmass Missile on Karn, but Col. Loomis became furious over a tactical recommendation from a Cadet and reminded her that the higher ups of COG Command were saving that missile for a better purpose and ordered them to take out Karn and retake the Museum. But yet again communications failed again around the city. Since Lt. Baird knew that Karn could single-handedly destroy Halvo Bay and the COG, they needed to use the Lightmass Missile on Karn. Both Baird and Sofia knew the creator of the missile and decided that the Lightmass Missile was the best course of action. Paduk, who had survived a Lightmass Missile blast before, radioed to Control their plan of attack, but since comms were still down, they got no reply back which was good enough for the squad. Sofia told Baird that they needed the targeting beacon and the launch codes before then opening the missile silo in person in order for the missile to be used.[17]

Retrieving the beacon[]

A Rager attacking Kilo Squad.

"Colonel, I’m an Academy cadet. I had to see if my friends were alright."
—Cadet Sofia Hendrik during her testimony

After the loss of the Museum of Military Glory to Karn’s forces, Kilo Squad traveled through to the sewers to get to the Halvo Bay Academy, where the creator of the Lightmass Missile, Professor Elliott, had his lab located. Kilo Squad didn't encounter any opposition in the sewers since the invading Locust troops were on ground level. Outside of Enfield Bridge, Sofia discovered in horror that the academy was overrun and that all of her friends might be dead. Sofia claimed that Kilo Squad assaulted Enfield Bridge while low on ammo and without access to Longshots while the Locust launched a heavy Reaver assault on Kilo’s assault on the bridge.[18] Kilo Squad was able to retake the bridge and destroyed Locust aerial and ground opposition.

After taking the bridge, Kilo moved into the courtyard where the former headmaster had left a defense system that was in place during the Pendulum Wars in case of a UIR invasion of Halvo Bay. Kilo Squad had only minutes before the nerve gas in the courtyard killed everyone in it. In the courtyard, the Locust had set up defensive areas defended by a turret with Boomers and Drones. After clearing the courtyard, Ragers entered the fray and Kilo was almost unprepared to face the transforming Locust. Kilo battled several more Ragers and Drones outside the R&D Labs. Kilo was able to get inside of the labs before the nerve gas killed them.

Once inside, Sofia was still in the security system which allowed Kilo Squad to gain access to the Lightmass Missile beaconl but Locust forces were already inside of the labs. Sofia also admitted that her relationship with Professor Elliott was more than a student-teacher relationship. Inside the labs, the fires had unleashed chemicals that affected Kilo’s vision and they had to battle their way into the heart of the lab where the beacon was located. The beacon turned out to be a bot unit.

With the bot activated, but the cloaking field disabled due to the Academy’s anti-cloaking field, Kilo had to escort the bot out of the Academy’s compound. In Monroe Commons, the Bot sent out a loud signal if the Locust was detected in the area. Having to defend the bot from wave after wave of Locust assaults and Nemacyst targeting it due to a signal coming from it, Kilo was able to save the bot from destruction.[18]

After clearing the Monroe Commons and the adjacent courtyard, a King Raven on a recon mission over the Academy was shot down and crashed over the main courtyard. Kilo, needing to exit academy grounds, left towards the main exit into the courtyard but found themselves out of ammo and resorting to their Snubs Pistols.[18] Kilo Squad, forced into a corner against an onslaught of Locust Drones and Boomers, was able to fend off the Locust and moved into the courtyard. A second King Raven flew over the courtyard and warned Kilo Squad that over several dozen Drones were advancing on their position. Kilo Squad, using the advance warning used ammo and sentry turrets from the crashed King Raven to help defend their positions. The Locust sent waves of Corpsers and Serapedes along with ground troops that shocked the Gears of Kilo Squad.[18] The large fountain in the center of the courtyard sank into the ground and a large Emergence Hole opened up. After Tickers and other Locust creatures tested the defenses that Kilo Squad had set up, the rest of the Locust forces attacked them. In the end, Kilo Squad was victorious and left the courtyard heading towards Seahorse Hills where Professor Elliott lived along with the launch codes for the Lightmass Missile. Sofia was saddened to leave the ruins of the academy and the loss of all of her friends there.

Seahorse Hills[]

Some of the homes of the COG's elite like Professor Kurt Elliott had defense systems that remained active during battle.

"Growing up in the UIR, of course I'd heard of the fabled mansions of Halvo Bay. But I never imagined I'd see them like this."
—Garron Paduk upon seeing the Seahorse Hills massacre

After leaving the Academy, Kilo Squad made their way to Seahorse Hills, an upper class neighborhood located in Halvo Bay. The COG army had tried to evacuate all of the civilians, but they were overrun by the Locust. Insideof Amador Park, Kilo Squad ran out of ammo but found Gnashers and Sawed-Off shotguns that belonged to a wealthy citizen's personal armory.[19] Moving up the street in Amador Park, Kilo ran into a group of Locust that came charging at them. The Gears of Kilo Squad had to move in close with their shotguns to take out the Locust in close range combat. The Locust in the end were no match for the Gears.

Making their way through the area, the Gears took out mortar teams shelling Professor Elliott's mansion, which had its own defense systems. Knowing they couldn't get past the systems themselves, the Gears took an alternate route to the mansion, taking out the three mortar teams along the way.

Finally, Kilo Squad reached the secret entrance which Sofia knew about due to her relationship with the Professor. Entering the mansion, the team found Elliott dead of a suicide and set Troy to work on cracking the mainframe to get the launch codes for the missile. Unfortunately, hacking in caused the defense systems to go offline, allowing the Locust to breach the mansion. Kilo was forced to defend the inside of the mansion and Troy from repeated waves of Locust troops while the bot tried to get the codes. Finally, after beating off the main Locust attack that included a Berserker, Troy got the access codes. With the codes, Kilo left for Onyx Point to arm the missile.

Onyx Point[]

The Lightmass Missile is prepped.

Needing to prepare the Lightmass Missile, Kilo Squad traveled to Onyx Point on a Locust assault craft. Upon arriving on the beach, they came under attack from heavily entrenched Locust troops including mortars and turrets. Kilo Squad was forced to fight their way up the beach and kill all of the Locust there before they could enter the fort.

Making their way through the fort, Private Augustus Cole briefly took control of a Silverback to blast through Locust forces in the motor pool. After leaving the beachhead, Kilo would later report that offsite COG artillery positions would open fire on their current location on Onyx Point.[11] Making their way along the cliffs, Kilo discovers the nearby shipyard to be under attack and were devastated as they all had friends defending it. Kilo comes under fire from Locust snipers with OneShots and mortars from an adjacent cliff and had to take them all out before they were able to travel in an elevator into the silo where the Lightmass Missile was.

Finding the silo empty, Baird armed the missile, but they got a report from Colonel Loomis that Omega-Two had taken out a Seeder at the Museum of Military Glory, restoring comms. Baird contacted Loomis to inform him of their plan, but he refused to allow them to use the missile to kill Karn, telling them that it was being saved for a greater purpose. He ordered Sofia to arrest Paduk and Baird if he resisted, but after finding out that Omega-Two was pinned down at the Museum and was an hour away from evac, Kilo decided to complete their mission and help them as they can get to the Museum a lot quicker.

Making their way out through a service entrance, Kilo came under attack from Locust forces and took them out. Fearing that the Locust may get to the inside of the silo and to the missile and disarm it, they had Troy seal the door to the silo from the outside. Reaching the beach, Kilo came under attack from three waves of Locust troops arriving in assault craft. Killing them all, Kilo left the island on one of the Locust assault craft.

Launching the Missile[]

The remains of the Museum of Military Glory after the Lightmass Missile destroyed it.

Theorizing that after Omega-Two took out a Seeder at the Museum of Military Glory Karn would want to deal with them personally, Kilo commandeered a Locust assault craft and reentered Old Town to find a good position to launch the beacon from and rescue the besieged Gears.

Traveling through the streets, Kilo came upon a variety of enemies including a Serapede, juvenile Corpser, and Lambent Wretches. After fighting off a Locust patrol, they decided to take their search for a good location to the rooftops, but while waiting for Troy to open a door, they came under attack by Ragers and Maulers.

After killing them all, they got through the door to find that the people of Old Town tried to hide from the Locust on the rooftops and were slaughtered. Fighting their way across the rooftops, Kilo learned that Omega-Two was in increasing trouble and that Colonel Loomis was planning to launch a massive attack on the Museum, something they felt was a trap.

Finally reaching and clearing the perfect spot on a rooftop, Baird dispatched Troy to get into position but before he could fire, Colonel Loomis contacted Sofia demanding to know where they were. Although Sofia initially lied and said they were aiding another unit, Baird told Colonel Loomis the truth, feeling that if they didn't fire the missile, everyone in Halvo Bay would die. Colonel Loomis threatened to execute Baird if he didn't back down, but with the agreement of the rest of Kilo, Baird fired the Lightmass Missile anyway. The missile destroyed the Museum and kills hundreds of Locust, Karn and Shibboleth presumably among them, leaving a huge crater. Omega-Two contacted Kilo to inform them that while they were a little roasted by the blast, they had successfully escaped.

However, instead of backing down with Karn's apparent death, the Locust attacked Kilo's roof with a massive force in successive waves. After a long fight, Kilo eventually managed to kill all of the Locust and were picked up by a furious Colonel Loomis who placed them under arrest.

Attack on the courthouse and fall of Karn[]

The death of General Karn.

Determining Kilo to be guilty, Colonel Loomis prepared to execute them, but before he could, the Locust finally broke into the courtroom and killed all of the Onyx Guards there. A Drone took Colonel Loomis hostage, but Private Garron Paduk grabbed a Longshot Sniper Rifle and after a moment's hesitation to decide who to shoot, killed the Drone and saveed Colonel Loomis' life. Colonel Loomis fled, leaving Kilo to fight alone.

Eventually, Kilo killed all of the Locust in the courtroom and battled their way through the courthouse toward a landing pad outside where a King Raven was waiting. Arriving outside, Kilo was joined by Colonel Loomis and they finally battled their way to the landing pad only for Karn and Shibboleth, who somehow survived the Lightmass Missile, to arrive and destroy the King Raven.

Karn started by firing Shibboleth's machine guns at the humans, but after they disabled them, he tried using an incendiary grenade launcher on them. Kilo and Colonel Loomis disabled the launcher and Karn retreated to a nearby rooftop where he called for reinforcements. After the reinforcements were fought for a while, Karn rejoined the battle, trying to trample the squad and launching Digger bombs from Shibboleth's mechanical leg at them. The squad destroyed the mechanical leg and Karn retreated again, launching Nemacysts and calling in more reinforcements. After some time had passed, Karn once again joined the battle, using his machine guns against the humans again. Kilo and Colonel Loomis disabled the guns and, when Shibboleth screamed, focused their fire on the beast's head, joined by nearby King Ravens. Finally, the combined fire killed Shibboleth, leaving Karn heavily wounded. As Kilo Squad wondered what to do with him, with torture being a suggestion, Colonel Loomis shot General Karn in the head with his Boltok Pistol, killing him.

Afterwards, Colonel Loomis dropped the charges against Kilo Squad, but demotes Lieutenant Baird to Private and destroyed any chance of him ever being an officer again.[20]

Loomis' Counterattack and Last Stand[]

Plaza for the Tyran Dead was Col. Loomis staging grounds for the counteroffensive into the heart of Halvo Bay.

After Kilo Squad took out Shibboleth and Col. Loomis executed Karn, the COG army reorganized around the Tyran war memorial and prepared for a counterattack into the heart of the city. Colonel Loomis personally led the counterattack into the heart of Halvo Bay with the Onyx Guard, hoping that the death of their General would demolish the Locust Horde's morale.

In the end, Colonel Loomis and his Onyx Guard were trapped around the Regency Hotel, and were killed to the last man. The COG Engineering Corps would later recover his remains and erected a statue of him declaring him the “Hero of Halvo Bay”. Even Damon Baird considered him a hero for his final actions but still a “dick”.[21]

Ultimately, Halvo Bay was destroyed by the Locust despite the best efforts of the COG and the death of their general.

Battles of Halvo Bay[]

Day One[]

Day Two[]

Day Three[]


The Hero of Halvo Bay.

After the battle was over, Dizzy Wallin, along with the COG Engineering Corps, firemen and Gears returned to the city to bury the dead and prevent diseases.[22] Dizzy Wallin and Corporal Lennard Parry rescued a woman named Rosalyn who would later become Dizzy's second wife and the mother of his and daughters.[23] During the cleanup effort, some Gears were killed by Locust forces; Sergeant M. Blythe was killed during one of these actions while defending engineers.[24] COG Engineers would discover Colonel Loomis' remains and left a statue of him declaring him the “Hero of Halvo Bay”. A large number of the COG's military leaders and elite Onyx Guard would perish in the battle along with a whole generation of Cadets that died in the defense of the Academy.[25] After the battle, the COG would regain control of the Endeavor Naval Base and controlled it until 12 A.E. where several incursions forced the COG to accelerate the scuttling of the base's military assets.[26]

By the time part of Delta-One, including Damon Baird and Augustus Cole, returned to the city in 17 A.E. during the Mission to Halvo Bay, it had been mostly abandoned except for a Stranded camp and a mixed UIR/COG camp led by Garron Paduk. By then, it had also been completely overrun by the Locust and the Lambent. The city was eventually freed from Locust and Lambent control when Adam Fenix detonated his Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon and wiped out both species. By 42 A.E., two tons pf rubble were recovered from Halvo Bay for the construction of Settlement 5, although the city remained otherwise abandoned by the COG.[27]

Behind the scenes[]

"Hey, Jack. One of the Judgment writers here. Just wanted to note something re: Destruction of Halvo Bay. The page lists story conflicts between Coalition's End and Judgment, as follows: Conjecture: Gears of War: Coalition's End has the destruction of Halvo Bay taking place three months after E-Day, not one. And the Mark 2 Lancer was introduced one year after E-Day not one month. Just for the record--and we really tried to be careful about this--the fall and the destruction of Halvo Bay were, at least in our minds, two different events. The first took place during the events of Judgment (which was actually supposed to be a little closer to six weeks after E-Day; the marketing materials rounded down as "one month" sounded a little snappier), the latter occurred another month or two later as described in Coalition's End. At that point in time, additional Locust forces breezed through Halvo to finish the work that Karn hard started. This is why the statue in Aftermath refers to Loomis's death taking place in Halvo; he stayed behind in an eventually failed attempt to save the city he had already lost. Tragic, right? Anyway, just wanted to chime in to say that Tom and I think the work you guys are doing unpacking the little bread crumbs of quiet story that we left scattered around GOWJ is nothing short of amazing. And this site was nothing short of invaluable when it came to a forgotten fact or a misremebered date during the writing process. The work done by everyone at Gearspedia made it a hell of a lot easier for us to write a story that would fit cleanly within the existing universe. There's something kind of beautiful in that. Keep it up! All best, Rob Auten"
Rob Auten one of two writers for GoWJ messaging JacktheBlack of Gearspedia.


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Locust War
0 A.E. Emergence Day (Emergence in Jannermont · Emergence in Mattino Junction · Emergence in Ilima · Emergence in Porta Ogari · Emergence in Ephyra · Fall of Gorasnaya · Evacuation of Mercy) · Battle of Nordesca · Battle of Kinnerlake · Destruction of Halvo Bay (Destruction of Old Town · Battle of the Museum of Military Glory · Siege of Halvo Bay Military Academy · Evacuation of Seahorse Hills · Battle of Elliott's Mansion · Raid on Onyx Point · Bombing of Downtown Halvo Bay · Ambush on the Halvo Bay Courthouse · Battle of the Plaza)
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