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"Look out below Delta. Incoming Centaur."
—A King Raven making an unexpected delivery.

Delta's Centaur was a Centaur tank utilized by Delta Squad in 14 A.E. during Operation: Hollow Storm.


Operation: Hollow Storm[]

Mission to New Hope Research Facility[]

After killing the Riftworm, Delta Squad received a Centaur that had been transported by a King Raven, annoying Marcus Fenix who had called for a pickup, not a drop-off. Delta was tasked with investigating the New Hope Research Facility,[1] during which the tank took minor damage during a Razorhail storm. After Marcus and Dom regrouped from their investigation of the facility, and the Razorhail subsided, multiple Reavers attacked Delta. While the rest of Delta was tasked with defending the Centaur from the Reaver swarm, Baird dealt with the repairs and managed to get the machine rolling just before the onslaught became too heavy.[2]

Infiltration of Nexus[]

After evacuating the facility, Delta drove the Centaur as they made their way to Mount Kadar, fighting their way through multiple Reavers, Locust outposts, and Seeders before arriving in the Hollow through a cave. Inside, Delta used the Centaur against three Corpsers and a pair of Brumaks before continuing deeper. The squad eventually made their way to a Stranded camp led by Chaps and, on the orders of Marcus, Baird and Cole used the Centaur to transport the Stranded back to the surface for pick-up while Marcus and Dom continued deeper into the Hollow on foot.[3]


After leaving the Hollow, Delta's Centaur broke down for the last time on a ridge in Kadar Valley. While waiting for COG reinforcements to arrive and assist in the assault on Nexus, Cole wrote a letter to his mother that he left on a crate nearby. The Centaur was left behind when Cole, Baird, and the Stranded were picked up by the reinforcements.[4]

Swarm Invasion[]


While searching Kadar Valley for the Mount Kadar Laboratory in 42 A.E., Kait Diaz and Delmont Walker found the long-abandoned Centaur and Cole's letter. The letter also included a map that helped Kait and Del to find the Old Derrick Sites nearby.[4]