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DeeBees, sometimes referred to as Bucketheads by Marcus Fenix, were robots created by DB Industries after the Locust War to handle dangerous tasks like construction work and high-risk security details, but later assigned to combat roles. They are deployed via drop pods from Condors and Vultures, and occasionally assisted by Kestrels. Despite their heavy armor compared to Gears and the Swarm, they lack combat maneuverability and flexibility, since they were initially designed and programmed for security, causing them to perform poorly against the Swarm compared the conventional Gears soldiers. Furthermore, their shock weapons in general deal less damage than conventional Gear or Locust weaponry, though this changed when they started using lethal weapons.

First Minister Jinn initially uses these robots to deal with the Outsider, but the emergence of the Swarm forcing her to reprogram the DeeBees to fight along side the Outsider against the new threat. Unfortunately, The Swarm has evolved to the point that they now can control the DeeBees to turn on humanity.

DeeBee TypesEdit


Locust Horde
Berserker · Boomer (Butcher, Flame Boomer, Grinder, Mauler, Mauler Elite, Savage Boomer, Tremor) · Drone (Beast Rider, Bolter, Cleaver Theron, Cyclops, Flame Drone, Flame Grenadier, Grappler, Grenadier, Grenadier Elite, Gunner, Hunter, Hunter Elite, Miner, Palace Guard, Rager, Savage Drone, Savage Grenadier, Savage Grenadier Elite, Savage Hunter, Savage Marauder, Savage Theron, Sniper, Spotter, Theron Elite, Theron Guard, Theron Sentinel) · Kantus (Armored Kantus, Savage Kantus)
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