DR-1s are humanoid DeeBees that are slower but stronger than the regular Shepherds. Armed with the Overkill Shotgun, they use jets in their feet to shift sideways and evade attacks, and even 'jump' over cover. When they take enough damage, their core will glow yellow and they will charge towards the player and explode. If the player is behind cover, the DR-1 can 'jump' over and stomp the player, downing them, and if followed up by a self-destruct, can be a lethal move. DR-1s are sometimes armed with Tri-Shots or RL-4 Salvos.



  • The DR-1 could possibly be sometimes referred as the robot version of the Lambent Drudge.
    • Both have the letters D and R as the first two letters in their name and both will sometimes charge at the player and explode on them in an attempt to kill them.


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