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DR-1s are humanoid DeeBees that are slower but stronger than the regular Shepherds. These DeeBees are deployed in extremely heavy firefights (military) or as heavy shock troopers (civilian).


Armed with the Overkill Shotgun, they use jets in their feet to shift sideways and evade attacks, and even 'jump' over cover. When they take enough damage, their core will glow yellow and they will charge towards the player and explode, similiar to a Lambent Drudge. If the player is behind cover, the DR-1 can 'jump' over and stomp the player, downing them, and if followed up by a self-destruct, can be a lethal move. DR-1s are sometimes armed with Tri-Shots or RL-4 Salvos.

Best ways to take down a DR-1 is to headshot it with a precision weapon to prevent its self-destruct mechanism. Even heavy and explosive weapons would sometimes fail to prevent it from self-destructing, so weapons like the Longshot Sniper Rifle, EMBAR Railgun, Markza Mk 1 Marksman Rifle and the Torque Bow would be the most effective.

On occasion, in Gears 5, the player would be given an opportunity to summon either a DR-1 or a Sentinel/Guardian such as the Mission to Azura Research Facility and the Evacuation of Settlement 2.[1] [2] In the Hivebust of Pahanu, Team Scorpio discovered and later utilized an intact DR-1 for support in Pahanu.[3]

DR-1s, like all DeeBee units, are vulnerable to hijacking from a Flock of Swarm Leeches. How these organisms could hack a robotic mainframe is unknown, but these DR-1s would transform into the dangerous but largely immobile Stumps.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Their large size, tougher defense and powerful weapons makes DR-1s the DeeBee equivalent of a Locust Boomer, a Swarm Scion and a COG Silverback.
  • When it comes to summoning in the campaign, DR-1s are inferior to the Sentinel/Guardian due to being a larger target, inability to fly, lacking a recharging frontal shield and being less maneuverable. However, they are encountered a bit more frequently than the latter two.



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