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The Cyclops was a Locust Drone, named for the monocular targeting helmet they wear.[1] Although the Cyclops was equipped with a Hammerburst II their most infamous trait is their habit of looting human weaponry, which mainly involved the Gears Mark II Lancers. From the Cyclops slaughtering fallen Gears they used the Lancers to deadly effect against their former owners and was pretty successful in doing so, they even came to terms in using the Lancers Chainsaw's Bayonet, in which they would scream in laughter upon cutting up a Gear Soldier.



Some Drones in the Locust Horde in particularly the Cyclops, used Lancers as a sign of prestige at having killed a Gear. They were always well known for equipping the Lancer Assault Rifle and are well versed in the ways of using the Chainsaw. The Cyclops can even aim better than average Drones despite having their one-eyed helmet. They are deemed more aggressive than the average drone foot soilders, proving this by ultimately flushing out their enemies with the use of their chainsaw bayonet. The Cyclops is equipped with a targeting helmet optimized for use in combat over various ranges ultimately giving them more accuracy whilst aiming and usually land their shots. The Cyclops also wears different armor from standard Drones noticed by the pauldron they wear on their left shoulder. According to Baird, the COG's foremost Locust expert, Cyclops act as the Locust Horde's elite shock troops, they prove this by holding their own in combat whether that's in a group or even own their own, nothing but fearlessness and determination is running through Cyclops's mind whilst risking their life for Queen Myrrah. Knowing this, one Cyclops on its own in particular even single handedly charged Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago during Operation Hollow Storm but however was defeated by the duo outnumbered.

Dozens of Cyclops took part in the Evacuation of Ilima, fighting alongside General RAAM against Zeta-Six. The Cyclops put up a valiant effort in assisting RAAM during the Battle of Dr. Wisen's Orphanage, however, they ultimately came up short as Zeta-Six were able to elimtate all present Cyclops and escape the clutches of RAAM.

Years after the death of General RAAM, the Cyclops also fought in the Siege of Jacinto and Operation: Hollow Storm, defending Nexus alongside the newly appointed Locust General, Skorge. They fought back against Gears when they launched their attack to destroy the Locust and prevent the Locust from destroying Jacinto.

Locust War[]

Destruction of Halvo Bay[]

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"The Grubs are obviously taking Halvo Bay seriously. They've got some kind of elite shock-troop soldier out there. Wears a funny, one-eyed helmet. Who knows how they manage to aim so well."
Damon S. Baird describing the Cyclops' physical appearance during the Destruction of Halvo Bay

Cyclops were amongst the elite forces led by General Karn in Halvo Bay. Kilo Squad first encountered Cyclops at the Kashkur Wing, where the Gears noted their monocular helmet and their Lancer Assault Rifles, and managed to defeat the elite Drones and move forward to the East Wing. While on trial, Damon Baird recalled their encounter with the Cyclops. More Cyclops continued to attack Kilo on their quest to find and launch the Lightmass Missile. At Magadha Villa, they used Smoke Grenades to reduce the Gears' visibility so that they could easily cut them in half but were again slain. Cyclops would later aid General Karn against Kilo Squad at the Plaza for the Tyran Dead but fell with their General.

Evacuation of Ilima[]

Cyclops assisting General RAAM against Zeta-Six.

During Zeta-Six's evacuation of Ilima City, General RAAM led a personal attack on the city with his own personal army behind him, which included an unknown number of Cyclops. They arrived in force when the Kryllstorm had arrived, with a lot of them storming Dr. Wisen's Orphanage. Many of them participated in the ultimately-futile battle against Zeta-Six alongside General RAAM. The Cyclops along with the other Locust Forces gave the General support while his Reaver recovered, with one Cyclops engaging Michael Barrick in a chainsaw duel.

Jacinto Hospital Assault:[]

6 months after the events of the Lightmass Offensive Locust forces are spotted attacking the hospital just outside of Jacinto City hoping to take control of the area which resulted in the Raid on Jacinto Med. Marcus and Dom meet up with Tai Kaliso, a spiritual warrior that fought with Marcus in the Pendulum Wars. Together, Marcus, Dom and Tai move through the hospital, when they eventually come under attack by the Locust, the Cyclops being soilders among them, the trio however kill all of the Locust drones including Cyclops that entered. The Cyclops are also amongst the Locust forces battling the Gears in the streets outside the Hospital in hope that the Locust could seize control in the streets and be in a position to strike at any humans exiting the hospital rear. However the Locust are propelled by gunfire from a King Raven. Delta and the Gears with the help from a COG King Raven forced back the Cyclops and the other Locust forces into a full retreat as they were surpressed by extreme heavy fire both on the ground and from the air.

Operation: Hollow Storm[]

Cyclops took part in the Assault on Landown led by the Locust High Priest Skorge, attacking Rig 314 while it was being repaired. However, Rig D28 gave support to Delta Squad, and together they defeated the hostiles. Several Cyclops searched for any remaining Stranded inside the sinkhole of Ilima. Delta Squad defeated many of them as they made progress (one was particularly killed with a Frag Tag from Cole Train). More Cyclops appeared at the New Hope Research Facility, trying to prevent Delta Squad from leaving the place, however they were all killed, either by the duo, security systems, or razor hail. A single Cyclops attacked Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago when a Locust Gunboat deployed him along with a pair of Bolters and a Grinder. The duo took all their enemies down and repelled the gunboat. Another gunboat carrying a trio of Cyclops attacked a raft Fenix and Santiago tried to use to cross the lake. The trio was killed and the gunboat retreated. Another trio of Cyclops on a gunboat attacked a hijacked gunboat that Delta used to escape from their raft. They were killed with the Troika installed in the gunboat and the gunboat fled as its crew was killed. As both Gears progressed, more Cyclops attempted to stop them from activating their beacon inside the Hollow. After deploying the beacon and reaching the Palace, the Gears found a number of Cyclops making a last stand inside the fortress against the Humans and the Lambent. Cyclops took guard inside the Archives Building during the Siege of Jacinto and faced Delta as they entered the building on their way towards Jacinto's sinkhole. A number of Cyclops attacked Marcus and Dom as they progressed down Cooper Street. Several Cyclops attacked the duo inside Jacinto's sinkhole but failed to prevent them from capturing a Brumak and flooding the Hollows.

Post-Operation: Hollow Storm[]

When the COG defeated and killed the Locust High Priest Skorge and sunk Jacinto City, sea water flooded the Inner Hollows, wiping out most of the Locust army. However, some of the Cyclops managed to survive the flooding and rather than turn into Savage Locust and rebel against their Queen, the Cyclops chose to stay loyal to the Queen and to the Horde and decided to then join up with the Horde Remnant known as the Queen's Guard. This elite team consisted of the Cyclops, Palace Guard, Grenadier Elites, Kantus, Drones and Boomers . Some of the Cyclops from this remnant fought against Delta Squad in their campaign to rescue Marcus' father, Adam Fenix during the Battle of Azura. However after Queen Myrrah's defeat and physical death, the Cyclops and the entirety of the Locust Horde would presumably all die when Adam's Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon was activated. Although the Locust evolved into the Swarm, the Cyclops class ceased to exist.


Cyclops during Gears 2.jpg
  • The Cyclops is playable in Gears of War 2 Multiplayer. They seem to lack the shoulder pauldron seen on them during the campaign and are slightly taller than other Locust in Multiplayer due to the helmet.
  • The Cyclops made their return after 11 years as a Multiplayer Character in Gears 5. Unlike their appearance in Gears of War 2 multiplayer lacking the shoulder pauldron, they returned with their shoulder pauldron as seen in the Gears of War 2 Campaign giving them back their retro look. The Cyclops can be purchased from the Gears 5 store by using Gears Coins.

Horde Mode[]

  • A Cyclops' helmet can be shot off by a well-placed headshot in Horde, providing the weapon used isn't powerful enough for a one-hit kill.
  • The Cyclops appear as enemies in Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3 Horde Mode. In Horde 2.0, Cyclops have been known to chase and ambush players with a revved-up chainsaw to make use of their Lancer's bayonet.
  • The Locust Horde returned to Horde mode inside of Gears 5 Operation 7. The Cyclops returned along with special units such as Bolter’s, Flame Grenadier‘s & even Theron Guard’s. The Cyclops maintain their aggressive behaviour as seen in past titles, they come equipped with the usual Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle.


If you are playing as a Cyclops in Multiplayer, you will notice that the Snub Pistol holstered on its thigh never actually moves. If you draw your pistol, you will grab it and appear to have two, and if you holster a Boltok Pistol or a Gorgon Pistol, it will overlap with the Snub. This is a glitch that occurs quite often in Gears of War 2. It happens mainly because when Epic designed the models for these characters, they added the holstered Snub Pistol by default when they're supposed to be two separate models.

Behind the scenes[]

  • This armor can be bought for your Avatar on the Avatar Marketplace for 320 Microsoft points and the helmet for 160 Microsoft points. The Cyclops is the only Locust armor available in the Marketplace because they are the only new type of Locust that is available in multiplayer by default apart from the Beast Rider and the Flame Grenadier, both of which lack the standard Drone chest armor.
  • Cyclops are included in the Gears of War 3 Locust picture pack. It can be bought for 160 Microsoft points in the Game Marketplace.



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