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The Custom Lancer is a modified version of the Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle developed by Marcus Fenix with several design changes, such as a more angular positioned magazine without a lock well, a slightly longer barrel, extra affiliation lights placed around the weapon, a more rearward ejection port, a wooden stock, and a tactical flashlight attached to the right of the barrel. Like its predecessor, it has an integrated Chainsaw Bayonet. The Custom Lancer is introduced in Gears of War 4.


Following Anya's death, Marcus Fenix had moved out of the main house of the Stroud Estate and began a series of projects in the event that his property was attacked including building a hidden armory, an escape tunnel in the main house, and began designing an upgraded version of the Mark 2 Lancer. Having used the Mark 2 throughout most of his military career as well as helped in it's development, Marcus was more than familiar with the strengths and weaknesses the weapon had and sought to only improve upon it's base design.

Not wanting to make any drastic changes unless he had to, Marcus kept most of the Mark 2's initial features that he found were reliable including the gun's holographic sight and the Chainsaw Bayonet. Although the Mark 2 was known for its low recoil and improved accuracy over the Mark 1, Marcus wanted to improve user accuracy even further by adding a slightly longer metal barrel to replace the old one and added a gunstock to the rifle's butt which was made from gun metal and treated wood for more controlled recoil. As most Gears weren't issued flash lights with their standard gear, Marcus added a tactical flashlight to the rifle's right side that would automatically turn on when in dark areas and that could be detached if desired.

Knowing the Mark 2 had a tendency to jam up when firing or reloading due to the gun's lock-well that was needed to keep the large box magazine in place, Marcus removed the lock-well entirely and designed a more efficient reloading mechanism that bypassed the use of a lock-well. He also built a more angular staggered feed metal magazine that could hold the same number of bullets as the old magazines did that could be kept in place without a lock-well and also implemented more rearward ejection port into the guns firing mechanism to help reduce gun jams.

Once he had built the modifications he needed, Marcus began building several Custom Lancers that he stockpiled all over the estate. When his son James Dominic Fenix returned home seeking his help, Marcus supplied him and his friends with Custom Lancers and COG armor in the ensuing battle against Mina Jinn and her DeeBee army.

Marcus and Damon Baird later collaborated in implementing his modifications into new models of Lancers. The new rifles were put into production in 42 A.E. as the Mark 3 Lancer Assault Rifle which replaced the Mark 2 model as the standard-issue rifle of the COG Army. Despite having helped build the new rifles, Marcus continued to use his Custom Lancer.


The Custom Lancer is a legendary weapon skin for the Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle. Like the Mark 2, it can only carry 50 rounds and hold a maximum of 500. The flashlight is not included.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In early gameplay trailers for Gears of War 4, the Lancer was referred to as the "Lancer Mk. 3".[1]
  • Along with the Custom Lancers in Marcus Fenix's hidden armory, there are various Lancers scattered around the Stroud Estate during Act 2 that are specifically identified as being Custom Lancers if the player stands over them.
  • Players earn an achievement if they bring the same Lancer given to them by Marcus all the way to the end of chapter 5 act 2.
  • In Gears 5, Marcus Fenix continues to use a Custom Lancer, and is the only character in the game to possess one.
  • It is possible to use this weapon in the campaign of Gears 5 in Act 1 Chapter 1: Shot in the Dark when playing as JD and in Act 4 Chapter 1: Homefront when playing as Kait by using the trading weapons mechanic with Marcus as he is also accompanying Delta squad.



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