Cove is a map that is included in the Gears of War 3 DLC Forces of Nature.

Cove is a small port that the Stranded have taken over and turned into a little village. The map is very open with long lines of sight, but there is a really, really heavy layer of fog that masks just about everything. There’s a really nice sniper nest inside a central ship, but the sniper’s form is silhouetted by the low angle light shining through the fog.

Cove Overhead Map (click to enlarge)

Guardian[edit | edit source]

A good strategy for Guardian in this map is for your leader to stay in the Sniper/Digger nest. From this position, he can provide support fire on both sides of the map, and he cannot be shot from behind. The one entrance, however, also makes it difficult for your leader to escape if overrun, so a bodyguard is recommended.

Giant Chicken Easter Egg[edit | edit source]

To do the easter egg on this map, start a Beast match (as this only works in Beast) and kill every single chicken on the map. If you did it right, the screen will turn red and a giant face will come out of the "Crane" spot. Shoot the eyes and an egg will roll out of the door beneath the face. This egg hatches and turns into the giant Lambent chicken like the campaign one.

Curious Facts[edit | edit source]

A lot of players think that the light onshore is the light of the sun, but in fact even the origin of that light is still unknown, and it can be proved looking at the sky. It's filled with clouds and stars. On the first paragraph of the piece of journal laying at the top left part of the map, it is written:

""Third ship runs aground""

""Merchant marine vessel Virago ran aground in the early hours last night after following a light onshore. This marks the third vessel to mistake a strange flame for the light house. Other vessels have reported what c ... Only be described as a..."" The other part of the journal is covered by the map's layout, so it's impossible to know what that light is or its origins.

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