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The Cougar Interceptor was a product line series of muscle cars built and produced by Cougar. Cougar was one of the many privately owned car industries that became successful within the Coalition of Ordered Governments during the Pendulum Wars.

The new Cougar Interceptor was the newest model of their long series of successful muscle cars, with two overly exposed V8 engines powered by Imulsion which is then converted via the Lightmass Process. This granted the car unbelievable amounts of accelerating horsepower for its size and was able to fit one additional passenger. The car had a collapsible roof if so need be as one of its features.[1]


Pendulum Wars[]

The Cougar Interceptor was the latest model coming out of Cougar, with posters being plastered throughout Ephyra, suggesting good brand recognition of the automaker. It was advertised as a versatile and tough muscle car that could 'survive' any form of rough weather and terrain. Unfortunately for Cougar, their success with their new model proved premature with the sudden event of E-Day and the beginning of the Locust War.[2]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The design of the car showed heavy influence of 1950s space age aesthetics, in contrast to the more rudimentary designs of COG civilian vehicles.
  • The car and the advertisement was designed by Andrew Porter, who produced many pieces of 2D art for use in the game.[3]



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