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Cosmonauts are citizens of the Union of Independent Republics who work, train and is experienced in outer space activities. Cosmonauts are part of the UIR Space Program and were integral for the further advancements of space research and devlopment for the UIR.

The UIR Space Program recruit potential Cosmonauts through the UIR Air Force, as distinguished Indie pilots were needed in the handling of spaceflight and spacecrafts. These Cosmonaut recruits would than be trained in a Cosmonaut Training Facility.


Pendulum Wars[]

During the Pendulum Wars, the UIR had plans to do an expedition dubbed simply as the 'Expedition to the Moons of Sera'. Cosmonauts were originally meant to colonize the two moons of Sera to both further scientific research and development of the UIR, as well as achieving a strategic advantage over the Coalition of Ordered Governments.

Moreover, UIR propaganda posters depicted UIR Infantry and Cosmonauts waving the UIR flag over a spaceship, suggesting the UIR had plans to go even further and establish a fully functional space fleet.[1]

Swarm War[]

During their mission to retrieve the UIR Hammer of Dawn Satellites in OZP-11, Delta Squad found a locker room filled with dozens of Hard-shell Space Suits that was disassembled and unused since the closing of the Pendulum Wars. These suits were found inside the Vasgar Cosmonaut Training Facility.[2]


UIR Cosmonauts wore specially designed UIR Armor that was suited exclusively for space travel. These Hard-shell Space Suits were bulkier in comparison to regular UIR Armor and had a completely different helmet; resembling a classical EVA helmet for space walks.

It is unknown if these Cosmonauts carried any weapons, although the presence of UIR propaganda posters depicting a UIR space fleet, suggests that the militarisation of space was a possibility.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Del mentioned how impressed and surprised he was at the advancements of the UIR space suits, suggesting that the UIR was leagues ahead of the COG in terms of the space race.
  • While all present space suits were disassembled, concept art showcased a UIR personnel wearing a fully assembled space suit.[3]
  • The term Cosmonaut can be used interchangeably with Astronaut, however it's generally used to refer to space explorers of the Soviet Union and other Communist countries. It's still utilized as a term for members of the modern Russian Space Program.


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