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The Corva was an older model of helicopter entering its final stages of use in 17 B.E., but were still occasionally used afterwards. They were slow and used a lot of fuel.[1]


Two Corvas landed on the ground with a division of Gears at the Acastu Imulsion Fields.

Pendulum Wars Service[]

The Corva was the workhorse of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps during the Pendulum Wars, despite it being slow and using up a lot of fuel. It was the COG Army's primary transport helicopter since 17 B.E. and was used in several theaters of the Pendulum Wars. By 4 B.E., it was being replaced by the controversial King Raven and other helicopters instead of fixed-wing aircraft.

Siege of Anvil Gate[]

During the Siege of Anvil Gate in 17 B.E., a Corva, CC-Seventy-Four-Five, was sent to resupply the garrison at Anvil Gate. It was destroyed by an Indie RPG.[2]

Acastu Imulsion Fields[]

In 4 B.E., two Corvas, including CC-4005, transported C Company of the 26th Royal Tyran infantry to the Acastu Imulsion Fields in Dushin.[3]

Battle of Gatka Ridge[]

Three Corvas sent from the Vectes Naval Base participated in the Battle of Gatka Ridge on Knifespire. Two were shot down attempting to destroy a UIR Battleship with Hunter-class torpedoes, but one, piloted by Mel Sorotki, managed to fire. The shot missed and instead sunk a Gelen Class Frigate. Sorotki's Corva was badly damaged and Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel Diaz decided to have Sorotoki crash it into a stress point on Knifespire and the crash, combined with the explosion from the remaining torpedo and fuel, caused the mountain to collapse and bury a newly-discovered Imulsion source. Sorotoki managed to parachute out in time and linked up with the Gears on the island.[4]

Known Corva's[]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Corva has a slight but unmistakable resemblance to the French Army SA 330 Puma.


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