The Corva was an older model of helicopter entering its final stages of use in 17 B.E., but were still occasionally used afterwards. They were slow and used a lot of fuel.[1]



Two Corvas landed on the ground with a division of Gears at the Acastu Imulsion Fields.

Pendulum Wars ServiceEdit

The Corva was the workhorse of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps during the Pendulum Wars, despite it being slow and using up a lot of fuel. It was the COG Army's primary transport helicopter since 17 B.E. and was used in several theaters of the Pendulum Wars. By 4 B.E., it was being replaced by the controversial King Raven and other helicopters instead of fixed-wing aircraft.

Siege of Anvil GateEdit

During the Siege of Anvil Gate in 17 B.E., a Corva, CC-Seventy-Four-Five, was sent to resupply the garrison at Anvil Gate. It was destroyed by an Indie RPG.[2]

Acastu Imulsion FieldsEdit

In 4 B.E., two Corvas, including CC-4005, transported C Company of the 26th Royal Tyran infantry to the Acastu Imulsion Fields in Dushin.[3]

Known Corva'sEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Corva has a slight but unmistakable resemblance to the French Army SA 330 Puma.


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