Corren was a city in southern Tyrus.


Locust WarEdit

Since Corren was outside the Jacinto Plateau, it was targeted by the Hammer of Dawn Strikes. Colonel Victor Hoffman's sister-in-law Natalie worked at an ER in Corren, and her sister, Margaret Hoffman, left the safety of Jacinto to retrieve her.[2] It is unknown if she made it to Corren, but no word was ever heard of her or her sister before Corren was destroyed by the Hammer of Dawn.[3]

Corren eventually became home to a Stranded encampment with thousands of people in it.[4]

Lambent PandemicEdit

While running reconnaissance on the mainland, Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago, Victor Hoffman and Miran Trescu did a flyby of Corren in KR-80. Due to the virtual army of Stranded in Corren the last time the COG had been there, Marcus manned the door gun just in case. However, they found Corren to be completely abandoned with Lambent Stalks visible poking out of some of the buildings. With the stalks confirming Corren to be uninhabitable, they moved on.[4]


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