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The Corpser Mine Layer or the Corpser Mine Launcher was a relatively uncommon ranged weapon used by the Corpser. Usually, Corpsers were logistical beasts used by the Locust Horde to create large Emergence Holes underneath Sera. While they can be used offensively at close-range, doing so puts them at risk of being shelled by COG artillery and heavy weapons which they were vulnerable to. As such, the much heavily built Brumaks were used instead as the main front-line heavy unit.

This is not often the case however, as certain Corpsers such as the one used by Ukkon were outfitted with short-ranged Mine Launchers depending on how extreme the situation was for the Locust. These weapons were belly-mounted and was probably fired via a neural-link of some sorts. The Mine Layer launches 4-6 large proximity mines at random via what seems to be a catapult system. These mines were shaped ballistically unlike conventional mines, ensuring that the bullet-shaped mines would better penetrate and embed itself onto hard ground such as pavements and stone.[1]

These mines were incredibly powerful, capable of destroying and/or crippling COG vehicles such as the Assault Derricks for example, therefore they act as a reliable deterrent against critically important locations for the Locust.


While these mines are incredibly dangerous for your squad in Gears Tactics, they are actually beneficial for the player rather than the Locust if used correctly. Because additional Locust reinforcements come via E-Holes, you can bait them to run directly towards the mine's proximity sensor, triggering an explosion and killing them instantly in the process.


Locust War[]

Assassination of Ukkon[]

Battle of Imtik Imulsion Rig[]

During the Assassination of Ukkon, Sgt. Gabriel Diaz planned to capture and assassinate Ukkon by baiting him via placing one of Ukkon's Immune System Boosters in a UIR Medical Truck. However, the plan failed when Sid Redburn turned on Diaz, knocking the squad out and inadvertently freeing Ukkon when Redburn attempted to take off with him.

In response, Ukkon summoned a Corpser armed with the Mine Layer, forcing the Gears and Stranded forces to fight it off while Ukkon escaped. The Mine Layer combined with its ability to stomp the ground and further Locust backup complicated the battle, but the humans ultimately emerged victorious and killed the Corsper.[2]



Behind the Scenes[]

  • It seems that the Mine Layer shoots out the mines via conventional ignition charge due to the presence of smoke and fire from the end of the mines. However, it seems to be merely the Imulsion fuel that has been primed and ready to explode.
  • Concept art for the weapon was done by Saeed Ramez. [3]


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