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"We're willing to meet you. Neutral water, time, and coordinates to follow. No more than two vessels each. Nothing bigger than a patrol boat. No tricks. And we want to see that our colleague is alive and unharmed before we do or say anything."
—Cormick Allam, setting up a meeting with Captain Quentin Michaelson

Cormick Allam was the Chairman of the Lesser Islands Free Trade Area, which was a gang of Stranded pirates based out of the Lesser Islands chain.


Pirate Chairman[]

As the leader of the Lesser Islands Free Trade Area, Allam angered Darrel Jacques, the leader of another pirate gang.[1]

Meeting With the COG[]

After the Coalition of Ordered Governments captured Jonn Massy, an associate of Allam, he arranged a meeting with their head of Navy, Captain Quentin Michaelson. He wished to negotiate the return of Massy in exchange for them leaving the COG's shipping alone.[2] However, Jacques and his gang intercepted their radio message, and ambushed Allam's ships. They killed his crew, and captured him, torturing him until the COG arrived. Jacques then brought him out onto the deck, and executed him with a headshot to show the COG what he intended to do with Allam's gang, starting with Massy.[3]


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