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Gears 5 Crashed Condor Site

A crashed Condor in Kadar Valley

The five Condor Crash Sites existed in the Kadar Valley and Vasgar in 42 A.E. The Condors which are airplanes used by the Coalition of Ordered Governments to transport the DeeBees and military cargo are brought down by the Windflares. Kait Diaz and Delmont Walker scavenged the sites for supplies. Three are found while they searched the Kadar Valley for the Mount Kadar Laboratory and another two are found at OZP-11 in Vasgar during the mission to launch the Union of Independent Republics' Hammer of Dawn satellites.[1]

The Kadar Valley SitesEdit

Ice BridgeEdit

This Condor crashed atop an ice bridge in the middle of the eastern portion of the Kadar Valley. It attracted the notice of the two Swarm Flocks that quickly infested the Condor's remaining cargo of DeeBees with Leeches, creating numerous Rejects.[1]

Northern GullyEdit

This Condor crashed into a gully in the north of the valley. Most of it's cargo, consisting of Trackers, Shepherd, DR-1s and a Kestrel survived intact and remained operational, but the contact was severed with the COG. The DeeBees entered a default state of alert which they treated anyone who approached the site as hostile.[1]

Near the North Comm TowerEdit

This Condor crashed into a forest surrounding the North Comm Tower. It's DeeBees are infested by Leeches, creating Rejects, a Stump and a Bastion which inexplicably departed the crash site and gathered at a frozen pond nearby.[1]

Vasgar SitesEdit

Eastern Dune SeaEdit

In secret, Damon Baird used the Condors to smuggle the weapons to Garron Paduk and his Nomads and some are brought down by the Windflares. One of these crashed in the east of a dune sea near the Train Turntable, one of OZP-11's facilities. This crash occurred six months before Delta-One arrived in Vasgar at a time when JD Fenix, Delmont Walker and Kait Diaz are classified as enemies of the state by the COG. Consequently, when Delta approached the site, they are immediately attacked by Trackers, Shepherds and Guardians that are still operating under the old protocols.[1]

Cosmonaut Training FacilityEdit

A second of Baird's gun-running Condors crashed in the middle of OZP-11's Cosmonaut Training Facility. Some, but not all, of the surviving DeeBees are corrupted by the Leeches into Rejects and ambushed Delta-One when they traversed the facility in search of the Hammer of Dawn targeting beacons.[1]



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