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COG Commandos were an elite group of special operations units from the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army. These Gears specialized in covert-ops, infiltration, exfiltration, sabotage, subterfuge and guerilla warfare and were given highly confidential and top secret missions/operations to be conducted by the Coalition High Command.

As such, Commandos have a high degree of flexibility and adaptability in the nature of war. It is this pragmatic approach, that scored some favors in Coalition High Command as well as some criticism of not being "by the book".

The most famous of these Commando detachment was the 26 RTI Special Tactics Group, who contributed to the theft of the Hammer of Dawn technology from the Union of Independent Republics, during the Battle of Aspho Fields.[1]


Pendulum Wars[]

Commandos were a diverse group of elite Spec-Op units ranging from the 26 RTI Special Tactics Group to the Pesanga Brigade of Rifles. Commando units had a history of fighting behind enemy lines and disrupting UIR logistics.

At the waning years of the Pendulum Wars, the 26 RTI Special Tactics Group led by Victor Hoffman, succeeded in acquiring the Hammer of Dawn plans, but at the cost of several prominent Gears.[2]


Commando units had a non-standardized form of military equipment. Whilst some Commando units appear like the conventional Gear, others opt for a more covert approach; wearing Commando Armor, ghillie suits, camo clothes, khaki uniforms and the like. In general, Commandos carry less armor and thus, less protection, in return for better stealth and mobility capabilities.

Commandos are experts in using almost all forms of weapons and controlling almost all forms of vehicles. However, their most iconic weapons include the Commando Knife and the Machete, close ranged weapons noted for its quietness and lethality.

Known Commando Detachments and Squads[]

Known Commandos[]

Commando Personnel Gallery[]


  • Two default COG Commando's Akagi and Sanguino made there Multiplayer Character debut in Gears 5 during Operation 7 Drop 2.[3]

COG Commando emblem.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The symbol present on the shoulders of Akagi and Sanguino is meant to be the emblem of the COG STG Commandos.[4]


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