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The Command Bot was a variant of Shepherd produced by DB Industries. Unlike regular Shepherds, Command Bots were unarmed and featured a display and camera in place of the head. Their primary role was long range communication.


Outsider Movement[]

Three command bots were used by First Minister Mina Jinn on the 25th anniversary of Victory Day, at the end of the conflict with the Outsiders, respectively during the raid on Settlement 5, attack on Fort Umson and assault on the Stroud Estate, as she tried to negotiate with a team of Outsiders suspected of kidnapping COG citizens.

Swarm Invasion[]

The following morning, the team of Outsiders investigating the Swarm led by former sergeant Marcus Fenix encountered another Command Bot on the outskirts of Speyer. During the conversation between Jinn and JD Fenix, three Pouncer quills hit the bot, infecting and thus turning it into the first known Reject, which attempted to kill JD. That event revealed the Swarm's ability to possess DeeBees and turn them against their creators. JD quickly destroyed the Reject.

After the group agreed to meet with Jinn in New Ephyra, they were greeted by another Command Bot at the Baird Estate along with several Shepherds. Baird confronted Jinn about the armed greeting as she had promised them safe passage, but Jinn stated that the DeeBees were there to guide them to her offices safely. After Marcus pointed out that they could make it there safely on their own, Jinn acknowledged that they were right, but felt that it was important that they talked before the group had the chance to talk to anyone else in the city as she didn't want word getting out of events quite yet.[1]

Later, while meeting with the real Jinn, JD relayed the story of their various encounters with her through Command Bots and how one had been corrupted by a Pouncer. When the DeeBee feed experienced interference, JD and Marcus noted that it was the same thing that had happened to the Command Bot as it was being turned into a Reject.[2]


A Command Bot, by name of Jinn-Bot is playable in the Multiplayer of Gears 5, purchasable for 2,000 coins.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • It is likely that the Command Bot is controlled via long-ranged remote control rather than an A.I. due to its utility and nature.


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