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The Combat Knife is a type of melee weapon featured in Gears of War 4 and Gears 5. It allows its user to perform a close quarter combat attack after grabbing or kicking an enemy from behind cover.

The melee attack will vary depending on where the player is situated in relation to the stunned enemy. In multiplayer, the knife's appearance varies in accordance with the player's faction.[1]

The Bayonet found in the Mark 1 Lancer Assault Rifle is an attached Combat Knife. Combat Knives are the most common form of melee weapon in the Gears universe, with the Coalition of Ordered Governments and Union of Independent Republics using it for the Mark 1 Lancers and Commando teams, and the Locust Horde and the Swarm being standard-issue for their infantry.

List of Executions[]

  • Front 1 - The player pulls out their combat knife in a reverse grip, and drives it down into their victim's face, before viciously wrenching it out.
  • Front 2 - Pulling out their knife, the player brutally stabs the opponent twice in rapid succession in the left flank of their chest beneath the ribs.
  • Front 3 - The player drags the knife up their victim's torso in a reverse grip, lacerating them from stomach to sternum, before plunging their knife into the top of their skull.
  • Front 4 - The player pulls out their knife in a reverse grip whilst simultaneously slicing their victim's throat, and immediately drives it to the hilt into the victim's right temple.
  • Front 5 - The player fluidly stabs their knife up through their victim's chin- piercing upright into the brain and instantly killing them.
  • Left 1 - The player stabs the opponent in the stomach, causing them to lurch forwards. Pulling it free, they then drive the knife up through their throat with enough force to crane their head backwards.
  • Left 2 - The player lunges their knife upwards into the victim's stomach, and uses enough force to lift them off their feet, before viciously discarding them onto the ground.
  • Right 1 - The player slashes their knife in a reverse grip across the left side of their face before stabbing it back directly into their throat. They rip the knife out with enough force that it practically throws the victim face-first into the ground.
  • Right 2 - The player stabs their knife into the victim's left kidney, before sidestepping behind them, taking the knife in a reverse grip and driving it down into the back of their skull.
  • Back 1 - With knife in-hand, the player hugs the enemy close, brings the knife to their throat, and cuts it to the bone.
  • Back 2 - Taking their knife in a reverse grip, the player brutally kicks the victim's leg out from under them, forcing them to kneel, before plunging the knife directly into the base of their skull.


In Gears 5, some characters have their own unique knife skins. The Coalition has since further expanded on this with future updates, giving a lot of the cast their own personalised knife skins that display when Executing or using corresponding emotes.

Faction Knives[]

Character Specific Knives[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Combat Knife being able to harm members of the Swarm is rather unusual, as the knife bayonets of the Retro Lancers were useless on the Swarm's predecessors (due to their thick skin). Therefore, in order for the Combat Knife to harm the Swarm, either its blade must be made of a denser material, or the Swarm had less thick skin in comparison to the Locust.



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