The Coalition of Ordered Governments Military Academy,[1] officially abbreivated as the COG Military Academy, was a military service academy located in the city of New Ephyra, Tyrus. COG citizens who enlisted in the COG's military and were selected for the officer program were educated at the academy.


The Coalition of Ordered Governments Military Academy was established following the end of the Locust War in 17 A.E. and the restoration of the Coalition of Ordered Governments. It was built in the COG's new capital city, New Ephyra.

After graduating from an elite boarding school, James Dominic Fenix applied to join the COG Military against the wishes of his father, Marcus Fenix. JD was accepted into the rigorous officer program of the academy and received an official acceptance letter from its superintendent, Adjutant General John Clement, that directed him to report to the academy at 0800 Standard Tyran Time on the 1st of Bounty of that year.[1] JD graduated from the academy in 39 A.E.[2] and joined the COG military, which he served in alongside his friend Delmont Walker until their disgrace in the Settlement 2 incident.



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