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The CIC during the Siege of Jacinto.

COG High Command was the military leadership of the Coalition of Ordered Governments armed forces. Once located in the House of Sovereigns[1] during the Pendulum Wars, it was relocated to Jacinto City after the fall of Ephyra. In both instances, it was located in a facility called the Combat Information Center.

The HQ monitors all COG control zones, watches seismic activity, and gives orders to Gears on the ground via JACKs or com-link from the control commanders. Since the passing of the Fortification Act, most of the staff at the HQ were either crippled men, Gears that can't handle heavy duty, and women. Colonel Victor Hoffman is stationed here and gave Chairman Richard Prescott daily updates on the war effort. The CIC was in Wrightman Hospital.[2] After the sinking of Jacinto, the Coalition's new headquarters was an old emergency management command vehicle turned into a CIC Truck.[3] After the COG moved to Vectes, the CIC was located in the Admiralty House at Vectes Naval Base.[4]

List of CICs[]

Gen. Brode and Col. James Choi at the Lakar CIC.

Known CIC Controllers[]


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