Chuzz, also called Ugly,[1] was a horse that belonged to Oscar Diaz.


Chuzz was raised by Oscar Diaz at Fort Umson, where he was used as a draft animal and a breeding stud who sired many foals with the mares Penny, Carly, Bailey, and Bluebell. According to Oscar, the sale of Chuzz's foals almost singlehandedly kept the village afloat financially.[2]

In 42 A.E., Chuzz was used to transport Oscar, Kait Diaz, Del Walker, and JD Fenix on a Horse Wagon to Settlement 5 in order to raid it for its Fabricator.[2]

Later that year, Oscar took Chuzz with him to Riftworm Village, where he became its chief. While passing through the village to meet Oscar and ask him to evacuate the village to New Ephyra, Kait noticed Chuzz in the village's stables and greeted him. Not long afterward, however, the village was attacked by the Swarm. At least one of the horses at the stables was killed, and it is assumed that the other horses, including Chuzz, managed to escape the stables and flee to safety.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Chuzz is the namesake of "Chuzzmas", a Christmas-like event held at the end of the year in Gears of War 4.



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