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The school during the attack on Ilima city.

The Children's School of Hope was a human orphanage run by Doctor Gregory Wisen, located in the Coalition of Ordered Governments city of Ilima on Jacinto Plateau, Tyrus. It was home to Jace Stratton and presumably other children after E-Day but was ultimately consumed in the Evacuation of Ilima.


Pre-Locust War[]

At some unknown time, the School was either founded or taken over by Doctor Gregory Wisen.

Locust War[]

On Emergence Day, Doctor Wisen found a young and alone Jace Stratton among the rubble and dirt. Taking pity on the now-orphaned boy, Wisen adopted Jace and brought him to the safety of the orphanage.

Roughly ten years later, a natural Kryllstorm was poised to strike the city, forcing the Coalition of Ordered Governments to abandon Ilima and relocate its populace. Four hours prior to the estimated arrival of the Kryllstorm, many of Ilima's civilians were evacuated but a handful of small pockets remained, the orphanage among them. However, since the Locust attacked the city, the orphanage was cut off from evacuation.

General RAAM attacks Jace and the orphanage.

Close to the impact of, the Gear squad known as Zeta-Six, composed of Minh Young Kim, Tai Kaliso, Alicia Valera and Michael Barrick, cut a swath towards the orphanage and attempted to evacuate its inhabitants. An APC arrived to evacuate the children and Doctor Wisen but when the Locust attacked the orphanage with the help of General RAAM, Valera was killed saving Jace, prompting Jace to take up her rifle and help protect the orphanage. Zeta was forced to abandon the orphanage temporarily but returned as soon as they found an alternate route. They then battled RAAM and numerous Locust warriors but in the end, Zeta managed to escape the city via a King Raven. The orphanage was consumed by the storm.[1]



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