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A Chicken is a type of domesticated farm animal used by the humans of Sera. They are one of the most common forms of animal poultry, used for food and their eggs.


These feathery avians can be found in almost any environment. The females are called hens while the males are called roosters. The male rooster can be aggressive and territorial despite their diminutive size. This aggression makes these animals popular in blood sport such as cockfighting in some human cultures.

Chickens are found wandering across the surface deck of the CNV Sovereign, where they are a vital source of food production.[1] It is unlikely that any chickens survived the destruction of the Helicopter Carrier however.[2]

Easter Eggs[]

Chickens are a common easter egg animal in Gears of War 3. There are three types of chicken easter eggs, these are:


Starting on Act 4 Chapter 1 on Insane complete "Respect for the Dead" to gain access to Griffins Stash. Only on Insane a Chicken in a Pirate Hat will spawn in the Stash to the Right. Interact with it. Then Play through to Act 4 Chapter 2 and to the left at the start there is a car with an ammo box on it. Walking to the car will cause it to fall off along with the ammo box.

Then play on until you find a train track and at the end of it there will be another ammo box. Walking up to it will cause the tracks to be unsteady and fall off and the ammo along . Then at the beginning of Act 4 Chapter 3 clear the first area of enemies and then run straight and you will find a tower of boxes with the third and final ammo box on top of them. Kick it and it will fall of the edge. Moments later the pirate chicken will fly up on a bird plane made of ammo boxes and drop 4 unique Boomshots labeled as Cluckshots, because they fire explosive chickens which act just like Boomshots.


Gears of War 3 - Cluckshot Easter Egg Rooster Teeth

Cluckshot Walkthrough.

Sawed-Off Chicken[]

In Act 4 Chapter 1, on Insane, after the encounter with the spinning gun turret, follow Ash Man around the corner, You should see a building directly in front of you, move closer it should have red words and a broken window. Through the window in another window off in the distance a little to the left, there will be a COG Helmet (It's barely noticeable). Shooting it will cause a confetti explosion on a building around the right hand corner, Go around the corner and find a door at the very end of the wall, Kick down the door and inside will be an ammo crate, a Hammer of Dawn, and a broken arcade game. Kick the arcade game a couple of times and it will start to work. You can then interact with the game and start to play Sawed-Off Chicken. You play as a Chicken in a COG Helmet with 2 Sawed-off Shotguns fighting a horde of polyps. Unfortunately the game will break within a couple of seconds of playing it.

Warning shooting the arcade game will cause it to break and if anyone other than Marcus kicks it is wont work either


Gears of War 3 – Sawed Off Chicken Easter Egg Rooster Teeth

Sawed-Off Chicken Easter Egg

Lambent Chicken[]

"Are you kidding me!? Focus fire on the mutant!"
—Marcus Fenix fighting the Lambent Chicken

In Act One Chapter Two, after you raise the lift so the Raven can land, there should be four tubes, two on either wall. Walk up to each one and wait until your character calls "Hello?" down the tube. Once you have shouted into all of them, a chicken should pop out of one.

If you shoot at it enough times, it will mutate into a ten foot tall Lambent chicken and attack you by shooting fire out its mouth. When you kill the chicken, it will explode into a dust of flowers.

The Lambent Chicken can also be found on the map Cove. On Beast mode, try and kill all the chickens on the map. The sky should turn red and a giant rabbit head would appear in the middle of the map. Shoot the rabbit head's eyes until the pupil explodes and a door opens. Inside the door, a giant egg would unroll. Shoot the egg until it cracks open to reveal a golden chicken which would quickly morph into the Lambent Chicken.


Gears of War 3 - Lambent Chicken Easter Egg Rooster Teeth

Lambent Chicken Campaign.


Gears of War 3 Easter Egg - Golden Chicken on Cove

Lambent Chicken on Cove.



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