"Checkpoint Eight to Control, Santiago here."
—Dom, calling in to Control after noticing a bottle vibrating against the crub

Checkpoint Eight was a military checkpoint at Port Farrall.


Locust AttackEdit

Cpl. Dominic Santiago was stationed at Checkpoint Eight twelve days after the Sinking of Jacinto, with the next shift being taken by Cpl. Jace Stratton. Dom had a conversation with Lt. Anya Stroud at the checkpoint. However, he noticed a bottle vibrating on the ground, and realized a Locust attack was coming. He radioed control, but all he heard was radio chatter as loadmasters retrived the supplies Dom and Delta-One had found beneath Merrenat Naval Base. Dom then heard the loadmasters come under attack. He abandoned Checkpoint Eight, heading to help fend off the attack on the city.[1]


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