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"Chap's gas station corner of F. Street and 13th."
—Franklin giving Marcus and Dom directions to the station

Chap's Aspho Gas Station,[1] also known as Chap's Gas Station, was owned and operated by an old man named Chaps. The station itself was comprised of several gas pumps and a small armory maintained by Chaps. On top of the gas station were shacks in which Chaps resided in to keep safe from the Locust Horde below ground.


Locust War[]

Lightmass Offensive[]

Chap's Gas Station during the Lightmass Offensive.

Fourteen years after Emergence Day, Chaps was working at his station when Franklin Tsoko contacted him and said two Gears were on their way to pick up Laverne. Chaps didn't think they would make it, so he didn't activate the pumps. When Sgt. Marcus Fenix and Pvt. Dominic Santiago arrived, they were angered to discover the APC was not gassed up. They activated the pumps and took some ammo, but the gas station then came under attack by the Locust. The two Gears and Chaps fled the station and left in Laverne, but a Boomer destroyed the station when it shot the fuel pumps with a Boomshot after getting run down by Laverne.[2]

Operation: Hollow Storm[]

After meeting Delta again beneath Mount Kadar, Chaps commented that after Franklin's Outpost got overrun and the gas station was blown up, the surface wasn't safe anymore.[3]

Swarm Invasion[]

New Ephyra Summit[]

While returning to New Ephyra, Delta's King Raven flew over the remains of the gas station, visible by the sign reading: Chap's.[4]

Battle of Old Ephyra[]

While the station had already been destroyed during the Lightmass Offensive in Gale, 42 A.E., whatever remained of the gas station was completely destroyed during the Battle of Old Ephyra in Frost, 42 A.E., when JACK sacrificed himself as a beacon for the Hammer of Dawn to destroy the Kraken and the Swarm army. The blast destroyed the remaining ruins of Ephyra, including Chap's Gas Station.

Behind the Scenes[]

Side profile of the gas station, with the shacks on the roof visible.