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The Chairman was the leader of Coalition of Ordered Governments. The position is elected by the Council of Sovereigns, and represents the people of the COG in the House of Sovereigns. Nassar Embry, Allfather Prime and founder of the COG, may have been the first Chairman to serve.


Chairman Prescott, the last Chairman of the COG

Under Chairman Tomas Dalyell's leadership near the end of the Pendulum Wars, the COG was a civil government that respected personal freedoms. However, when Richard Prescott assumed the mantle of chairman in the aftermath of E-Day, he limited the freedoms of all the citizens of the COG with the Fortification Act in order to preserve the COG and ensure the safety of the remaining humans in the Jacinto Plateau.

The title of Chairman was replaced by that of First Minister in the post-Locust War era following the reestablishment of the COG.

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