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A flyer for Centennial Bridge.

The Centennial Bridge was built in 2504 and opened in 2505 as a replacement for the Bridge of Sera. It was a two-deck suspension bridge named after Hanover's centennial in 2503,[1] located in Hanover, home of Augustus Cole and the Hanover Cougars. The bridge was built almost directly opposite the Stadium, which had a cable-car system that leads to it.


Construction and Opening[]

The bridge took 29 months to be constructed, and was completed and inaugurated on schedule on the 15th of Heat, 2504, but was only opened for traffic on the 2nd of Harvest, 2505, when the new highways leading to it were finished. The Centennial Bridge was a major bridge for transportation in and out of Hanover, across the Hanover canal, and a gate-way to the Pan-Seran highway.[1] It was noted to be one of the longest suspension bridges in all of Sera. The bridge contained toll and telephone booths, due to its length, and it maintained decent traffic.

Locust War[]

Six weeks after the end of the Pendulum Wars, this bridge was a sight for despair as, late one morning, nearly all passengers were glued to the radio for reports of attacks in Jannermont and across Sera being alien attackers who emerge from holes in the ground. Traffic that morning was high due to distraction and evacuations.

Sam, Baird and Cole on the Centennial Bridge.

Lambent Pandemic[]

"Heads up guys, there's some joker on Centennial Bridge taking pot-shots from a gun turret. We're giving it a wide berth. Suggest you do the same."
KR Seven-Zero, reporting to Cole's squad

After the Sinking of Jacinto, a contingent of Savage Locust had taken over the already half-collapsed bridge, turning it into a makeshift fortress, with Turret-armed barricades, Sniper positions, enfilade areas, Mortar sites and Gas Barge mooring points.

During their Mission to Hanover, Cole, Baird, Clayton and Sam crossed the bridge, battling the Locust to reach a point where they could assist the CNV Sovereign. After seeing the state of the ship, Locust ambushed the team and dropped a box of Tickers on them. The group stole that idea and proceeded to look for more Tickers. Along the way, they were confronted by a Gas Barge, but it was dispatched by a Mortar-armed Cole. They found another cage of Tickers and tipped it over onto a Lambent Leviathan that was attacking the ship below. The Leviathan was killed, but a tentacle strike caused the remainder of the already damaged bridge to collapse into the ocean below.

Concept Art of the Bridge.



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