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"Well look at that. An old Centaur factory."
"So you used to ride in these heaps, huh?"
"They weren't so bad. A little cramped. Broke down all the time."
"Hmmmm. That sounds like they were pretty bad."
"Heh. Yeah, maybe. But they got the job done.
—Marcus Fenix, JD Fenix and Del Walker discussing the Centaur tanks

The Centaur was a Coalition of Ordered Governments Army light tank. It was equipped with large wheels in the place of tracks, and had four-wheel drive and steering. It was armed with a single, high velocity main cannon that fired high explosive shells. The cannon was capable of holding up to six shells in its internal magazine at a time.[1]

It was very easy to repair, as demonstrated by Damon Baird and Augustus Cole, who were able to fix relatively heavy damage in less than a minute. It also seems to have a very high troop capacity for a tank, as it can hold at least four Gears and several Stranded. The Centaur tank also has the same model hatch as the Armadillo.[2]


Pendulum Wars[]

The Centaur made its debut late in the Pendulum Wars, being used in urban combat against the Union of Independent Republics.[3] At the Battle of Ragani, the remains of a Centaur were found, indicating the use of Centaurs there.[4]

Several Centaur tanks took part in Operation: Hollow Storm.

Locust War[]

Evacuation of Ilima[]

Around a decade after Emergence Day, at least one Centaur defended an evacuation checkpoint during the Evacuation of Ilima. It was destroyed outside of Ilima Savings and Trust.[5]

Fall of the Tollen Dam[]

Around 14 A.E. the Speyer Metalworks factory still produced new Centaurs. After the Tollen Dam - a power plant vital to the region's industry - fell to the Locust, Speyer was evacuated and the production could not be continued.

Raid on Jacinto Med[]

"This is Centaur Two-Three, establishing position outside the hospital."
—The driver of Centaur Two-Three, reporting in during the attack on Jacinto Med

Many Centaurs were used during the defense of Jacinto and its Medical Center, maintaining defensive positions at blockades.

Operation: Hollow Storm[]

During Operation: Hollow Storm, Centaurs were charged with defending the Assault Derrick convoys en route to Landown; two tanks per Derrick. Along the route, though, many Centaurs were destroyed by joint attacks from Seeders and Reavers. One was crushed by a boulder that was dislodged by a Nemacyst impact. One saved Delta's Derrick, Rig 314, from a rampaging Brumak. Another killed the Seeders that were sending the Nemacysts their way.

Later in Landown, a Centaur defending Augustus Cole and Damon Baird's Rig assisted Delta Squad by destroying a Troika nest with its main gun. Seeing Delta needed no more help, the Centaur departed to continue with its original mission of protecting Baird's Rig.

Mission to the New Hope Facility[]

After killing the Riftworm, Delta Squad received a Centaur that had been transported by a King Raven, annoying Marcus Fenix who had called for a pickup, not a drop-off. Delta was tasked with investigating the New Hope Research Facility,[6] during which the tank took minor damage during a Razorhail storm. After Marcus and Dom regrouped from their investigation of the facility, and the Razorhail subsided, multiple Reavers attacked Delta. While the rest of Delta was tasked with defending the Centaur from the Reaver swarm, Baird dealt with the repairs and managed to get the machine rolling just before the onslaught became too heavy.[7]

Delta's Centaur in the Hollow.

Infiltration of Nexus[]

After evacuating the facility, Delta drove the Centaur as they made their way to Mount Kadar, fighting their way through multiple Reavers, Locust outposts, and Seeders before arriving in the Hollow through a cave. Inside, Delta used the Centaur against three Corpsers and a pair of Brumaks before continuing deeper. The squad eventually made their way to a Stranded camp led by Chaps and, on the orders of Marcus, Baird and Cole used the Centaur to transport the Stranded back to the surface for pick-up while Marcus and Dom continued deeper into the Hollow on foot.[8]

After that, Delta's Centaur broke down for the last time on a ridge in Kadar Valley. While waiting for COG reinforcements to arrive and assist in the assault on Nexus, Cole wrote a letter to his mother that he left on a crate nearby. The Centaur was left behind when Cole, Baird, and the Stranded were picked up by the reinforcements. It was left undisturbed for decades until Kait Diaz and Delmont Walker stumbled across it in 42 A.E. while searching for the Mount Kadar Laboratory.[9]

Post Sinking of Jacinto[]

The remnants of the COG Army took several Centaur tanks to protect themselves from any attacks by Locust stragglers, like the situation that occurred in Port Farrall.[10]

Lambent Pandemic[]

Eighteen months after the dissolution of the COG, many Centaurs fell into a state of disrepair and remained broken down due to a lack of spare parts. Many were built into the damaged walls of Anvil Gate. Others were scattered around the grounds. Some functional tanks did, however, take part in its defense against the Savage Locust attack.[11] Additionally, following the Battle of Gerrenhalt, the forces on the CNV Sovereign decided to give all of their Centaurs to the mainland camps since it was determined that the rapid response force was a failure.[12]

Post-Lambent Pandemic[]

In the twenty-five years following the end of the Locust War, it is unknown what happened to the Centaur or what role it serves, if any, within the reformed COG. During the battle of Speyer, Marcus Fenix, along with his son JD Fenix and friends Kait Diaz and Delmont Walker, travel through a Centaur manufacturing plant, where several Centaurs in various states of assembly are seen left abandoned on the assembly line.[13]



The Centaur was protected by thick, heavy armor capable of withstanding waves of small-arms fire. However, it was extremely vulnerable to heavy cannon and missile fire, as well as a stomping from Locust creatures such as Corpsers. Skorge's dual chainsaw was able to slice a Centaur tank in half.[1]


Its armaments consisted of two weapons that were both mounted on the turret atop the vehicle. The first was a powerful, long-range cannon that was fed from a 6 shell internal magazine. It also had a light machine gun.[3] A single round from a Centaur could kill a Berserker, as evidenced during the Battle of Port Farrall.[10]


Besides weapons and armor, the Centaur featured numerous amounts of technological equipment to support itself and friendly forces when in the field/battlefield. It is an 'All Wheel Drive' vehicle with 4 wheel steering, giving it the ability to turn on a dime.

The Centaur featured four forward-mounted headlights/searchlights, for helping itself and friendly forces to see in the dark, which increased combat survival and effectiveness. It also featured a winch at the front of the tank for pulling out other friendly vehicles.

The Centaur was also equipped with several antennae, used for both short-range and long-range communications between friendly forces, and even Coalition High Command/Combat Information Center. The Centaur was also armed with a huge, front-mounted tread, similar to the one on the Armadillo, that was used for clearing debris and even ramming Locust out of the way.

Boost capabilities allowed the Centaur to achieve short bursts of speed, allowing for quick evasion from danger or boosting over chasms.

Known Centaurs[]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Centaur gets its name from a creature in Greek mythology with the torso of a man attached to the body of a horse; this compliments its nature as it has a tank turret but the chassis is closer to a truck or APC.
  • Best Buy offered a remote controlled Centaur as a gift for pre-ordering the legendary edition of Gears of War 2.
  • In October 2012, Erector released a line of action figures and vehicles for Gears of War; the line included the Centaur Tank.[14][15]
  • Similar to Laverne in Gears of War, the Centaur is the only vehicle that the player can control in Gears of War 2.
  • It's unclear how Delta Squad's Centaur got out of the caves and back to the surface in Gears of War 2. Just before the playable use of the Centaur ended, its main cannon was used to shoot down a broken pillar and make a large jump that couldn't be made again in the other direction. Though several obstacles would've also hampered the journey back down Mount Kadar, Gears 5 reveals that the Centaur ultimately broke down and the crew was picked up by arriving reinforcements.
  • The Centaur apparently has enough room for a large group of passengers as well as four Gears as Delta's was able to hold Chaps' Stranded camp for the journey back to the surface.



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