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A Cattle was a large bovine used in animal husbandry throughout the human history of Sera. These animals are one of the most common and versatile forms of domesticated animals used as beasts of burden, a source of diary and an important food item.

Female cattles are called cows while the males are called bulls. Bulls are much more aggressive than the females and have grown horns to compete and defend its herd from predators.[1]


Lambent Pandemic[]

It turns out that Cattle are just as susceptible to Lambency as any other organism. A bull belonging to Seb Edlar which had gone disappeared, was spotted by Cpl. Damon Baird and Pvt. Augustus Cole on the Vectes Imulsion Field. It turns out that Edlar's bull succumbed to Imulsion and a battle took place on the Imulsion Field.

The short skirmish ended with Borusc Eugen distracted the bull which pinned him and detonated, killing both itself and Eugen. [2]



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