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"That thing was like a walking aircraft carrier!"
Delmont Walker

Carriers are a type of creature found within the Swarm. They are capable of firing several Cankers from their chest into the air, which home in on the nearest target, or a single Canker directly at an enemy. Carriers are sluggish but heavily armored, and are vulnerable whenever they open their chest to release their projectiles.


The Carrier first appears during JD Fenix's group assault on the Tollen Dam Swarm nest, breaking through a heavy door in an access tunnel and engaging the group at extreme close range.

Carriers then appear every so often during the group's assault on the dam and the subsequent battles in the abandoned towns of Speyer and Tollen.


Carriers can take a lot of punishment before being killed, so heavy and explosive weapons (especially Dropshots) are a must when engaging them. Whilst being heavily armored, Carriers do have an unarmored chest area, vulnerable only when a Carrier releases its Cankers. Cankers explode in a similar fashion to an Incendiary Grenade when they hit their target, downing a player quickly if they don't roll away, and causing continuous damage to fortifications. As such, Cankers should be destroyed before they can cause any damage.

Carriers can move over cover, and destroy fortifications at close range by smashing them. They also leave a residue in their wake that can damage players. Fortunately, Carriers are sluggish, and will take some time before reaching your fortified base.

Carriers can execute either downed players or players who wander too close to them. If a player is downed, the Carrier will either raise its fist and crush the victim, or it will pick them up and roar at them with enough force that their head pops off, throwing away their corpse forcefully afterwards. If a player approaches a Carrier, it will trap them with its fist, raise them up and then crush them into the ground.

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