Carmelo was a transport engineer in the 2nd Battalion Royal Ephyran Engineers of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Engineering Corps.


Shuting Down PipelinesEdit

"Doesn't Anvil Gate get its fuel from the Vasgar side? Who's resupplying them?"
—Carmelo, after learning the Imulsion pipeline to Vasgar was being cut off

In 17 B.E., Carmelo was stationed at Forward Operating Base Tyro in Kashkur. Captain Adam Fenix briefed him and the other officers at the base on the plan to shut down the Imulsion pipelines leading into Vasgar. Carmelo was worried because those pipelines also gave fuel to the Coalition of Ordered Governments garrison at Anvil Gate, but Adam told him that the Imulsion for Anvil Gate could still be supplied by fuel trucks. He then told them that the first pipeline to be shut down would be at Borlaine, and that it was a two-hour drive, and that they would not be expected. Carmelo didn't think it would be a problem getting them to shut down if Lt. Helena Stroud intimidated them.[1]


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