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"Look on the bright side, sir. If we can't get anything south to the fort, the Indies can't get anything through going north."
—Carlile, to Lt. Victor Hoffman about the blocked road into Kashkur

Carlile was a combat engineer stationed at Anvegad during the Pendulum Wars.


Pendulum WarsEdit

Carlile was the man who gave Lt. Victor Hoffman a ride with his ATV to investigate the gorge that was located to the rearside of Anvil Gate's fortress, after a series of explosions had shaken up the whole of Anvegad. The three explosions had been recognized as timed detonations, set off around 1600 hours that day.[1] With his knowledge of demolitions, Carlile was the designated person to head down to the location and find out exactly what had happened. The gorge had collapsed, completely blocking the road into Kashkur with rubble and thus cutting off Anvegad from the rest of the country. According to Carlile and Hoffman, it must have been a strategic move from the UIR, especially since it must have taken a lot of expertise and caution to place the large amount of explosives without being spotted. [2]

Siege of Anvil GateEdit


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