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The humble Car is one of the most common, wide spread and ubiquitous vehicles ever used on Sera. These vehicles largely replaced the archaic Horse Wagon as the primary form of civilian transport during the industrialization phase of Seran history.


A car is usually a four-wheeled ground vehicle used either for private or public transport. Cars usually provide enough seats for a single family and many sub-variants exist such as muscle cars, utes, sedans, minivans and sports cars to name a few. These vehicles could be powered either by hydrocarbons, steam, electric, gas, compressed air and later imulsion; making them extremely versatile, although it depends upon the capability of their engines. Despite their humble utility, cars were a critical lynchpin in the majority of humanity's major historical events.

Because of their wide usage, humans of Sera started to run out of traditional hydrocarbon energy sources that powered up their vehicles such as the car. This eventually led to an energy crisis until Dr. Helen Cooper discovered the Lightmass Process, which turned the bountiful but useless Imulsion into a limitless fuel source. This led to the Gold Rush, of which the unregulated prices deflated the value of Imulsion and caused economic collapse to nations who pegged their financial currency to the fuel source. The crisis eventually led to the Pendulum Wars and later, the Locust War.

Throughout the franchise, all non-military vehicles such as cars are found abandoned, ruined and destroyed. Despite this, these car remains still provide as useful cover, set pieces and props.

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