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Captivity is the level where Delta Squad rescues Baird. This is the level that earns the achievement "Freebaird!" after its completion.


After Baird rejoins Delta Squad, now comprising of Marcus, Dom, Cole, Baird, and Benjamin Carmine, they battle a small contingent of Boomers and Beast Riders guarding a docked Beast Barge in order to board it.

In front is the Beast Barge where you will find Tai.

After killing the Grinder on the elevator at the front of the Barge, Marcus and Dom take the elevator up to the upper deck of the Barge, while the others remain on the lower deck, ostensibly to ward off potential aggressors. After checking the prisoner cells (empty) and then mopping up the remaining Locust guards, Marcus and Dom manage to get the Barge on the move once more. After taking down attacking Reavers with the Troika at the back of the Barge, Delta Squad's Barge collides with another Barge. Delta Squad boards the other Barge and overpowers the crew, and check the prisoner cells. They discover Tai Kaliso, badly scarred both physically and spiritually from Locust torture. Marcus, unaware of the mental toll the torture has taken on him, arms Tai with a Gnasher shotgun, which Tai uses to commit suicide. A horrified Marcus collects Tai's COG Tags and leaves the Barge, along with Delta Squad. After fighting their way off the Beast Barge, Delta Squad proceeds to the sunken ruins of Ilima City, where they call for extraction via King Raven on the roof. However, before they can be picked up, they must fend off a massive Locust attack.

Cut Scene[]

After fending off a Locust assault from all sides, Delta Squad manages to get on the Raven even as the Riftworm devours the surrounding buildings, with Carmine taking a minor wound from a Hammerburst round. As the Riftworm consumes the extraction building from under the Raven, the Raven loses stability and Carmine slides out of the Raven into the Riftworm's massive maw. The Raven, along with the other four members of Delta Squad, is then consumed by the Riftworm.

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