Camille was a survivor of the Jilane Massacre and a member of the Grievous Bodily Love.


Living in the Farm and the Jilane MassacreEdit

Camille was either a prisoner or staff member of the Birthing Creche in Jilane, until the city was attacked by the Locust fourteen years after Emergence Day. She joined with other women and children survivors as a Stranded group called the Grievous Bodily Love, fighting and hiding form the Locust in the ruins of the city under the leadership of Matron.[1]


Camille is shot by the Locust.

Return of the COGEdit

"They should be around that corner up there! As long as they were doing what I think they were doing..."
—Camille to Dom, while they were looking for Jace and Thecelia

Four months after the fall of Jilane, a squad of Gears arrived in Jilane looking for survivors of the attack. Camille joined several other members of the GBL in ambushing them to determine why they were there. After a brief firefight, the two groups stopped shooting at each other and explained their situation to the other. Sgt. Marcus Fenix, Cpl. Damon Baird, and Pvt. Augustus Cole left them to find the Beacon signal that had brought them to Jilane, leaving Sgt. Alex Brand, Cpl. Dominic Santiago, and Pvt. Jace Stratton with the GBL.[1] When their position was discovered by the Locust, they headed for an emergency bunker used by the GBL to hide. Camille noticed that Thecelia and Jace had disappeared, and believed that they had gone to the procreation room to have sex. She told Matron and Dom this, and said that they would need help to get back to the bunker. Matron agreed, but told her that they could only give them a little time to find them and get back before they closed the bunker. Camille set off with Dom to find them, and raced through the corridors to the procreation room. They found Thecelia and Jace fighting Drones and Tickers, and joined the firefight. Camille was hit in the stomach by Locust fire, and fell to the ground wounded. Dom defended her, but she bled out and died on the floor before anyone could give her medical aid. Thecelia picked up her body and carried it back to the bunker with them.[2]


Crimson Omen
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