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The COG Train was a hybrid passenger-freight train used by the Coalition of Ordered Governments both during and after the Locust War.


The COG Train utilized at least three different types of cars. The first was the locomotive itself, which contained the engine and moved the train. The second was a passenger car, which existed in multiple variants and was used to transport personnel. The third was a tank car that carried various chemicals.


COG Trains were used to transport Gears and supplies to Kadar Valley during Operation: Hollow Storm in the Locust War. At least one train, which was transporting Alicia Valera's brother among other personnel, was attacked by Locust and derailed as it passed through the valley.

In the years after the Locust War, the reestablished COG built more of the same model of train. In addition to ferry government personnel and goods, a number of COG Trains were also used by Settlement Transit to convey civilian passengers between Settlements and New Ephyra.

Behind the Scenes[]

Cole Train dancing on the Asylum Train.

  • The COG Train is used as an environmental hazard on the multiplayer map Asylum.[1]
  • There is an easter egg which is based entirely on these trains, in which an event occurs when - if a player is successful in narrowly dodging the two incoming trains - the easter egg would trigger Augustus Cole to dance on top of the Asylum Train shouting his catchphrase.[2]
  • The easter egg is a callback to the easter egg in Tyro Station, in which it was Marcus Fenix clinging on to the Tyro Pillar rather than Augustus Cole.
  • Cole dancing on the train is a pun to his nickname, 'Cole Train'.




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