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COG Terminology refers to military and civilian terms that were used by the COG, its Gears and its citizens.


Abbreviations and AcronymsEdit

Military Abbreviations and AcronymsEdit

  • ASAP (As Soon As Possible): Acronym used for getting to someone or accomplishing a goal very quickly. An example of this was when KR Six-Four recommended that Cpl. Dominic Santiago and Sgt. Marcus Fenix leave the slab ASAP.[1]
  • CAP (Combat Air Patrol): An aircraft patrol provided over an objective area, over the force protected, over the critical area of a combat zone, or over an air defense area, for the purpose of intercepting and destroying hostile aircraft before they reach their target. Combat air patrols applied to both overland and over water operations in order to protect aircraft, fixed and mobile sites on land, and ships at sea. Known by the acronym CAP, it typically entails fighters flying a tactical pattern around or screening a defended target, while looking for incoming attackers. Effective CAP patterns may include aircraft positioned at both high and low altitudes, so as to shorten response times when the attack is detected.
  • Casevac (Casualty Evacuation): Acronym used for calling in a rescue vehicle to retrieve wounded personnel.[2]
  • ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival): Often used in the COG Navy and Air Corps. Acronym for inquiring how long it would take before a vessel or aircraft would arrive at a given location.
  • EZ (Extraction Zone): Acronym for military aircraft to evacuate personnel, mainly soldiers, civilians and equipment, from an area.[1]
  • FAC (Forward Air Controller): A provision of guidance for close air support, intended to ensure that the attack hits the intended target and does not injure friendly troops.
  • FDC (Fire Direction Control):[3] Acronym that details an element of a command post in which personnel work to help support effective tactical fire support by receiving targeting data and requests for fire support, then translates them into fire direction.
  • FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition): Acronym for when a situation was screwed and also said if needed to get out of the situation. An example of this was when Cpl. Damon Baird and Pvt. Augustus Cole helped survivors at KR Two-Four`s crash site. Baird radioed Marcus, saying "this whole situation is FUBAR".
  • KIA (Killed In Action): Acronym for a soldier who has been killed in combat or military operations. An example of this was when Marcus informed Control of Lieutenant Minh Young Kim's death during the Lightmass Offensive.[1]
  • LZ (Landing Zone): Abbreviation and term that mainly refers to a specific area for a vehicle, such as a helicopter, to land for either deploying and/or landing forces, as well as the pick-up of personnel.[4]
  • MEZ (Marinetime Exclusion Zone): The zone around a navy base, island, or shoreline that is off-limits to all vessels without clearance.
  • MIA (Missing In Action): Acronym for a soldier, or other military personnel, who have gone missing in the field of battle.
  • MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain): A COG military term for urban combat.[5]
  • POW (Prisoner Of War): Acronym for a soldier that was captured by the enemy in a war.
  • PZ (Pick-up Zone): Similar to Extraction Zone.[1]
  • RTB (Return to Base): An order that requests units in the field to return to a military base.
  • RV (Rendezvous): Acronym meaning to meet at an agreed time and place.[6]
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedure/Standing Operating Procedure): Both were used in a variety of different contexts: healthcare, education, industry, military, etc. In military terminology, it is used to describe a procedure or set of procedures to perform a given operation or evolution or in reaction to a given event. There is a popular misconception that SOPs are standardized. However, the very nature of an SOP is that it is not standardized across a large military element (such as a corps or division) but rather describes the unique operating procedure of a smaller unit (such as a battalion or company) within that larger element. To say that the operating procedure in question is "standing" indicates that it is in effect until further notice, at which time it may be amended or dissolved.[7]
  • SOS (Save Our Souls): A distress signal.[8]
  • Spec-Ops (Special Operations, also Special Forces): Versatile and agile military assets, capable of operating independently.
  • VFR (Visual Flight Rules): A term used by aircraft crews to refer to the rules of visual flying, without the use of radar, sensors, communications and navigational instruments/systems.


  • CNS (COG News Service): A major news network run by the COG that reported on the E-day attack.[9]
  • COG (Coalition of Ordered Governments): Originally a Socialist Governmental Faction, theorized by Alexiy Desipich and founded by Nassar Embry.
    • NCOG (Coalition of Ordered Governments Navy): The naval arm of the COG.
    • En-COG (Coalition of Ordered Governments Engineers): The combat engineers that served the COG.
    • COGDRA (Coalition of Ordered Governments Defense Research Agency): Acronym used to refer to the Defense Research Agency. The DRA studied, researched and even developed advanced military technology for the COG Armed Forces.
  • EM (Emergency Management): An organization of the COG Federal Government responsible for large-scale emergencies that erupted during a chaotic period. They provided medical services, evacuated military personnel and civilians, provided immediate support and relief in an area, and reported events to other support organizations.
  • EWS (Ephyra World Service): A radio channel broadcasted from Ephyra all over the world.
  • LIFTA (Lesser Islands Free Trade Area): A Stranded organization based out of the Lesser Islands chain.
  • SNC (Sera News Channel): A major news network and rival to CNS.[9]
  • UIR (Union of Independent Republics): The main enemy of the COG during the Pendulum Wars.


  • EBA (East Barricade Academy): A section of Ephyra. The EBA housed the R.L Sterling Conservatory, a military academy and Adam Fenix's Estate.
  • ENS (Endeavor Naval Shipyard): A COG naval shipyard located in Halvo Bay. It was evacuated after various Locust incursions in 12 A.E. All of the fuel was burned and the remaining ships were sunk or scuttled to prevent its capture.
  • VNB (Vectes Naval Base): A COG naval base located on Vectes island. It was supported by the town of Pelruan on the other side of the island. After E-Day, it was cut off from the rest of Sera until the remnant of the COG arrived to seek refuge.


  • CO (Commanding Officer): The officer in command of a military unit, having significant responsibilities, duties and powers.[10]
  • JAG (Judge Advocate General): Acronym for the head of a branch of the COG military, concerned with military justice and military law.[11]
  • NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer): Refers to ranks of corporal and sergeant; someone who had obtained their authority by promotion from the lower ranks.[12]


  • APC (Armored Personnel Carrier): An armored vehicle designed to transport infantry.
  • APV (Armored Personnel Vehicle): A vehicle utilized by the UIR as an armored vehicle with a large capacity for personnel.
  • ATV (All Terrain Vehicle): A vehicle specially designed for rougher terrain.
  • CNV (COG Naval Vessel): Used as a short hand acronym that appears before any COG ships' name designation.
  • EMCV (Emergency Management Command Vehicle): A mobile command center used in times of disaster.
  • LAV (Light Armored Vehicle): A medium armored vehicle designed, used and deployed on the battlefield for direct combat situations, including supporting and escorting friendly forces, as well as general combat against enemy forces.
  • KR: Used as a short hand acronym for King Raven.
  • RR: Acronym referring to the type of King Raven used during the Pendulum Wars.
  • SR: Used as a short hand acronym for Sea Raven.


  • RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade): A type of rocket launcher, mainly used against armored vehicles. One known RPG type was the COG Longspear.

Other AbbreviationsEdit

  • CB (Confidential Books): An acronym referring to the Confidential Books, which were printed codebooks detailing the COG's civilian and military authorizations.[13]
  • CIC (Combat Information Center): Also called the Coalition High Command, this was the headquarters of the entire COG Armed Forces.
  • HQ (Headquarters): Another term/callsign for the Combat Information Center, or CIC.

Radio ResponsesEdit

  • Tango-One: Term for a soldier with life-threatening wounds that can still be helped by field medics.
  • Tango-Two: Term for a soldier with non-lethal (or at least not immediately lethal) wounds that isn't able to fight.
  • Tango-Three: Term for a lightly wounded soldier that can still fight; no medical attention required at the moment.
  • Tango-Four: Term for a deceased soldier and so no medic is needed.[14]
  • Wilco is a radio response acknowledging a command and expressing the command will be followed. Wilco is a contraction for Will Comply.


  • Bird: Term for King Ravens and other types of helicopters.
  • Chopper: Term for King Ravens and other types of helicopters.
  • Gear: Term with a double-meaning. It could refer to the equipment a soldier is equipped with or the actual soldiers themselves.
  • Getting Religious: Slang for getting shot and killed. Play on the words holy and holey.[4]
  • Giving It 110%: Term for meeting and surpassing expectations.
  • Glowies: Term used to designate any and all Lambent lifeforms.
  • Golden Rule: Military rule for combat.[4]
  • Green: Term used for inexperienced soldiers and trainees.
  • Grub: Slang used to designate any and all Locust, but usually used in reference to the bipedal Drones.
  • Indie: Slang used by Gears for soldiers of the Union of Independent Republics.
  • Junker: Term used to describe a rundown or stripped vehicle that's still operational.
  • Rig: Term for Assault Derricks.
  • Rook: Term used for inexperienced soldiers and trainees. Short for rookie.
  • Sapper: Term used for a combat engineer.
  • Shinies: Term used to designate any and all Lambent lifeforms.


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