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The COG Tank was a ground vehicle and the main battle tank of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army during the Pendulam Wars.  These tanks were meant to counter and deal with UIR armored calvary divisions such as the infamous Pariah Tanks.

The vehicle was different from the Centaur tank, having a rectangular chassis and featuring tracks instead of wheels, as well as a top-mounted machine gun nest. They were notably seen with the Andius Fusiliers Regiment.[1] Two COG Tanks from the regiment was seen moving through the city of Ragani.

It is unknown if these tanks saw use during the Locust War, but with the COG devastated and its arms industry crippled during the Hammer Strike in E-Day. It is possible that the Centaur came to replace these tanks due to a lack of resources rather than practical applications.


  • The COG Tank is shown to have a strong resemblance to the American M26 Pershing tank.[2]


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