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The COG Rocket was a Coalition of Ordered Governments rocket used to deploy the original Hammer of Dawn satellites. Several COG Rockets with prototype satellites were housed in the Abandoned Research Facility at Azura. A single Hammer of Dawn satellite could be housed inside the rocket's nosecone in contrast to the UIR Rocket which held three satellites in external sockets.


Pendulum Wars[]

These rockets and the rocket silos at the Abandoned Research Facility were used as the secret test bed for the COG to perfect the Hammer of Dawn technology stolen from the UIR during the Battle of Aspho Fields. In the last weeks of the Pendulum Wars, Victor Hoffman and Dominic Santiago gave the Hammer of Dawn plans to COG High Command whose scientists greatly improved upon the UIR's Hammer of Dawn targeting beacons. Azura, due to it's secrecy and high security, gave the Coalition enough time to launch the Hammer of Dawn first and put an end to 79 years of conflict.

Swarm War[]

Restoring the Hammer of Dawn[]

JD, Marcus, Kait and Del traveled to Azura to launch a COG Rocket in a silo in the Abandoned Research Facility that Damon Baird had learned from Adam Fenix's data disk still contained a prototype Hammer of Dawn satellite. However, the Swarm had turned Azura into one of their Hives, complicating matters. Eventually, Delta Squad found the intact rocket, but when Dave attempted to launch it, the silo hatch only opened partway, risking the rocket exploding on takeoff. Rather than fleeing as the others wanted, JD risked his own life to hit the manual override and open the hatch. The rocket was successfully launched along with its Hammer of Dawn satellite.



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