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Medics are Coalition of Ordered Governments Army personnel who focuses on medical treatment of wounded Gears in the heat of battle. These military doctors carry medical equipment and supplies and are crucial in preserving the lives of countless gears during the Pendulum Wars and Locust War.

Medics were known to operate in various COG medical facilities such as the Jacinto Medical Center and the Jacinto Medical Plaza.


Pendulum Wars[]

Medics played a role during the Pendulum Wars as front line combat doctors to help heal up wounded Gears in the COG's war against the UIR.

Locust War[]

During the Locust War, Medics were crucial in the continued survival of humanity as well as preserving what's left of the severely depleted COG. During the Siege of Anvil Gate, several Medics were present in both assisting wounded Gears and fending off a desperate Locust assault on Anvil Gate.

Anvil Gate was about to be overwhelmed when Adam Fenix' Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon put an end of 17 years of conflict with the Locust Horde. [1]


Medics were identified by their white armor, the blue medical symbol and carried medical equipment and supplies during combat.

They were also quite adapt at combat, given their nature, and was just as capable as defending a military outpost as it is, healing the sick and wounded.



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