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The COG Defense Select Committee[1] was an organization that was responsible for including the drafting of legislation pertaining to, and supervision of, defense related issues. The committee was responsible for the authorization and drafting of any weapons-related issue, as well as the authorization relating to the draft of a weapon that would be supplied to any of the COG Armed Forces branches.


Fixed-Winged Versus Rotary-Winged Aircraft Debate[]

"The backbone of military aviation will always be rotary, and tactical airpower must remain in the hands of ground commanders. Fixed-wind costs too much to do too little- I see no reason to waste any more taxpayers' money on the Petrel strike-fighter program when we could spend that on helicopter-launched missile systems. These birds represent better value and can do everything we need, and do it better in most cases- transport, combat, observation, maritime, and special forces. We do not need to fragment our defense strategy by creating a separate air force."
—General Jod Lombard, testifying before the COG Defense Select Committee

Sometime after General Jod Lombard gave evidence on the focus of the King Raven rather than the Petrel, the Defense Select Committee finally made two moves relating to the usage of fixed-wing and rotary-winged aircraft. First, the DSC authorized the production and manufacturing of the King Raven Helicopter series. Second, they denied the legislation to expand fixed-wing aircraft and decrease the production and usage of the Petrel Strike Fighter-Bomber. These two moves had intertwined with each other because now, essentially, the entire COG Armed Forces would, for the most part, be relying on rotary-wing aircraft, such as the King Raven series. With this, the COG Armed Forces would not be able to rely on fixed-wing aircraft that could gather intelligence and manage deep, precise strikes in UIR territory. Instead, however, they would be relying on rotary-winged aircraft, such as the King Raven series, that could provide immediate escort, transportation, extraction, and direct close air support for land forces.

Commando's Role in the Army[]

"Physically, though, Commandos aren't much different from the average citizen, except they're a lot fitter by the time we finish with them. Mentally, though, they are-or they-become another species. We train them to understand and beleive that they can do anything. It's the mental attitude, the absolute confidence and overriding tenacity that makes them unique."
—Colonel Kimberley Anders to the COG Defense Select Committee

During the Pendulum Wars, Col. Kimberley Anders had delivered a paper of a report/thesis on the expansion of special forces, specifically the Commandos/Special Tactics Group. She explained how the commandos of the STG were the best soldiers of the COG, and could provide valuable intelligence, execute substantial and deadly operations to lessen an enemy threat, and perform other countless numbers of valuable roles that would make them a great asset to the COG Army.


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