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COG Boats taking part in the evacuation of Jacinto.

The COG Boat[1] was a Coalition of Ordered Governments Navy hovercraft that took part in the evacuation of Jacinto, during its siege.


COG Boats were vehicles that were used by the COG Navy. It was used in mass during the evacuation of Jacinto to transport civilians and Gears. COG Boats appear to be lightly armored, and may be vulnerable to sinking because of its inflatable air cushion. Its armament includes two single-barreled 50 caliber machine guns, located at either side of the rear of the vehicle.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The COG Boat shares some design aspects with a United States Navy assault craft; the Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC).
  • On the Gears of War 3 multiplayer map Bullet Marsh, there is a COG Boat at the Swamp Spawn.



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