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The COG Attack Submarine was a series of attack/hunter-killer submarines built by the Coalition of Ordered Governments to fend off submarines and surface fleets of the Union of Independent Republics during the Pendulum Wars.

These submarines were meant to seek out enemy warships and sink/damage them before they got the chance to fight against the Coalition of Ordered Governments Navy. The only known submarine from the COG is the CNV Clement.


Lambent Pandemic[]

The CNV Clement alongside the CNV Chancellor disembarked from port to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the Harvest. Once the search party reach the last signal of the Harvest, KR Six-Seven and the Chancellor found some wreckage on the surface of the water, and the Clement found debris on the ocean shelf. Marcus Fenix eventually deduced that the Harvest was sunk by an explosing Lambent Rock Eel.[1][2]

Later on during the First Battle of New Jacinto, the Clement along with the Gorasni Attack Submarine: Zephyr, fought and killed two Lambent Leviathans via their torpedoes.[3]

Known Submarines[]

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