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The CNV Pomeroy was a Coalition of Ordered Governments navy vessel of the amphibious assault ship class in D-Flotilla. She ferried the commandos of the 26 RTI Special Tactics Group before and after Operation Leveler.


Operation Leveler[]

The CNV Pomeroy was an amphibious assault ship captained by Quentin Michaelson,[1] with Commander Fuller serving as first officer.[2] Commandos from the 26 RTI Special Tactics Group were stationed on the Pomeroy prior to Operation Leveler. They trained on inserting into the sea on Marlins dropped from Sea Ravens stationed on the Pomeroy.[3] The Pomeroy anchored two hundred kilometers north of Aspho Point in preparation for the raid.[4] It remained on station during the operation, with Michaelson, Dr. Adam Fenix, and Agent Louise Settile onboard providing information to and ordering fire support for the commandos and Gears taking part in the operation.[5] Sea Ravens from the Pomeroy picked up the commando teams' bots, and also rescued the surviving commandos from their sinking Marlin.[6] They also picked up several survivors of C Company, including Sgt. Bernadette Mataki and Cpl. Marcus Fenix, when the CNV Kalona's medical staff became too busy to handle any more cases.[7] It was on board the Pomeroy that Dominic Santiago learned of the death of his brother.[8]

Locust War[]

Sometime during the early months of the Locust War, following Emergence Day, the COG military managed to capture some Berserkers. Thinking that a ship at sea would be safe from an underground enemy, the Berserkers were loaded onto the CNV Pomeroy and shipped to a secure research facility. However, COG officials did not know that the Locust Horde used water-based creatures living in the underground rivers of the Hollow. These waterborne creatures helped corral the ship into a narrow channel and force it ashore, while Locust ground forces moved in from the beach to assault and overwhelm the beached vessel, and to retrieve the Berserkers.[9]



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