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The CNV Clement was a Coalition of Ordered Governments navy submarine commanded by Commander Garcia after the Sinking of Jacinto.


Sinking of Jacinto[]

During the evacuation from Jacinto as it was sinking, the CNV Clement left the city in formation with the rest of the fleet.[1]

Search for the Harvest[]

Nine weeks after the Sinking of Jacinto, the COG had moved its remaining forces and population to the island of Vectes. The Clement was berthed in the small vessels basin of the Vectes Naval Base. Cpl. Damon Baird and Pvt. Augustus Cole talked with a member of the Clement's crew as he worked on the ship, and he informed them that a fishing boat had gone missing, and that the Clement was heading out to assist in the search.[2] During the search, the Clement worked with the CNV Chancellor and KR Six-Seven to attempt to find the boat. KR Six-Seven and the Chancellor found some wreckage on the surface of the water, and the Clement found debris on the ocean shelf.[3]

Meeting with the Pirates[]

A few days later, a meeting was held on the Clement between Commander Garcia, Captain Quentin Michaelson, Sgt. Marcus Fenix, and Cpl. Dominic Santiago. They laid out plans to lure the leaders of the Lesser Islands Free Trade Area to a location, and either kill them, or have the Clement follow them to their base.[4] During the mission, the Clement picked up odd acoustics, and Commander Garcia became worried it was a Leviathan. When the Clement began to follow the Trader V back to its base, it detected a torpedo being fired. The torpedo destroyed the Trader V, and the Clement detected another ship surfacing. The ship was revealed to be the Zephyr, a UIR submarine. As the Clement stood by to fire on the other sub, its commander explained who they were, and requested a meeting with Chairman Richard Prescott. Captain Michaelson agreed, and the Clement returned with the other ships to Vectes.[5]


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