"Is that it!? I thought we had subs the length of a Thrashball field!"
Jace Stratton on seeing the Adamant for the first time

The CNV Adamant was a Pendulum Wars-era, Seabass Model, special-ops submarine in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Navy. Its small size was ideal for covert-ops in marine environments, but the submarine was also heavily armed. It possessed four double-barreled Flechette Gun turrets which fire small explosive darts, as well as multiple torpedo tubes.



During the abandonment of the Endeavor Naval Shipyard during the Locust War, the CNV Adamant was left behind, disabled, due to it needing several repairs that could not be finished before the evacuation.[1][2]

Mission to AzuraEdit


The CNV Adamant in the Serano Ocean.

Seventeen years after Emergence Day, Delta-One came to Endeavor looking for the Adamant, and discovered it intact in one of the hangers. Pvt. Dizzy Wallin repaired its rotor and refueled it, and they took it out to a floodgate to deploy into the Serano Ocean and head for Azura.[3] Dizzy piloted the Adamant to Azura as the rest of Delta defended the submarine with its flechette guns, defeating Manglers, a Leviathan, and Azura's underwater defenses before finding a secret entrance and emerging at the docks.[4] Dizzy then hid in the Adamant until the island was retaken, after which he surfaced with it and went ashore.[5]



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