"So, no pressure..."
—Jakovs, on having to use the company's last Longspear to attempt to take out an Asp

Private Byran Jakovs was a Gear soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army and a member of C Company 26th Royal Tyran infantry, which took part in Operation Leveler.


Operation LevelerEdit

Jakovs was friends with fellow C Company Gear Pvt. James Marasin.[2] During the Battle of Aspho Fields, Jakovs attempted to take out an enemy Asp with the company's last two Longspears, but missed and hit an Indie LAV and APC with them instead.[3] After Major Helena Stroud died trying to take out one of the Asps, Jakovs, Cpl. Marcus Fenix, Pvt. Carlos Santiago, Pvt. Steven Hurnan, and Marasin worked their way across the battlefield to attempt to take out the last one. They split into two teams, with Jakovs, Hurnan, and Carlos hitting it with Gut-Punchers from one side, and Marcus and Marasin from the other. They damaged the Asp, but it continued to function. When Carlos jumped up in an attempt to rush it, Jakovs and Hurnan followed, but were hit by machine gun fire and killed.[4]



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