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Bencarminedeath.jpg "Sarge?...I hurt."

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—A Butcher, when encountered in the Hollow

Butchers were Locust Boomers who served as chefs in the Locust Horde. The Butcher appears to be the lowest rank of all the Boomers in the Horde, as they aren't "assigned" to kill anything; all they do is chop up Rock Worms brought in by Locust hunting parties. They wore a large apron over the standard Boomer armor, with meat hooks attached, and wear a flat helmet.


A Boomer and a Butcher are basically the same creature, although the Butcher has less armor and a large meat cleaver used for cutting up Rockworm meat to feed Locust soldiers, The Rockworm meat is taken from Locust hunting parties (generally consisting of 1-2 Kantus with "many" Locust). The Kantus summon the Rockworm, the Locust kill it, the Butcher chops it, the Locust eat it.

Butchers are pathetically easy to kill when found alone (for example, on Horde): their movement speed allows them to catch up with a player, but rolling away from them means that, unless cornered, the player is faster. Their melee attack is deadly, but unless they sneak up on you (which will be difficult as the controller vibrates when Boomers approach) you should be fine. It is also very easy to avoid, considering it's possible to melee one to death without ever taking a hit. If you have any trouble, use a shotgun on the Butcher and this should kill it within two to four hits depending on the difficulty and how close it is. In fact, it is even possible to kill one without firing a single shot. By using a weapon with a high melee regularity, such as a Snub Pistol or a Gnasher, it is possible to melee them, dodge their own melee attacks, before meleeing them again.

Despite the fact that they are incredibly easy to kill, Butchers can occasionally sneak up on the player without the controller vibrating and, upon this, will attempt to hack at the player with their cleavers. The cleaver only takes a small amount of health from the player upon contact, but can take far more on the harder difficulty settings.


Destruction of Halvo Bay[]

Several Butchers attacked Halvo Bay as part of General Karn's army. Kilo Squad fought several Butchers while defending the Great Hall and the East Wing inside the Museum of Military Glory. Inside the vaults of the Museum, the dust almost blinded Kilo Squad and they were forced to use Close Quarters Combat techniques. The Butchers inside the vault tried to take advantage over the Gears but were killed with the rest of the Locust. A small group later laid siege to Professor Kurt Elliot's mansion at Seahorse Hills.

More Butchers later attacked Kilo at the rooftops shortly after they had launched the Lightmass Missile, trying to take revenge over their General's death. Some later stormed the Courthouse where Kilo was being charged by Col. Ezra P. Loomis but were eventually slain by the Gears. This time, Loomis himself fought the Locust with his Boltok Pistol.

Operation Hollow Storm[]

As Delta-One, comprised of Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago, made their way into the Hollow to deploy their beacon, they found what appeared to be the corpses of some Rockworms and a pair of Butchers cutting them in pieces. The Butchers tried to defend themselves but were no match for the Gears. As they continued, another pair of Butchers attempted to flank them while dealing with the Locust above them. A platform fell to razor blades and the Butchers were left without protection and were easily dispatched by the duo.

After the flooding of the Hollows[]

"Friggin' cook. Now it's my turn."
Damon Baird, after killing a Butcher and taking its Cleaver during an ambush outside Port Farrall

During a mission outside the city of Port Farrall, COG forces came under attack by several Butchers, amongst other Locust. Cpl. Damon Baird managed to kill one with a Hammerburst and the rest were killed after their Kantus generals were dispatched.

Lambent Pandemic[]

"Yo bitch, tell your Queen Delta's here to settle some scores!"
Augustus Cole, yelling at some Palace Guards and a Butcher that he's gonna take revenge for Dom's death

After the destruction of their home and with most of the Horde dead, the remaining Locust divided. Most of the remaining Butchers chose to ally with the Savage Locust while a small amount of them remained at the Queen's side. While trying to reach the CNV SovereignAugustus Cole's team found a Savage Locust outpost over the Centennial Bridge. After killing some Savage Grenadiers, a group of Savage Boomers and a Butcher ambushed them from behind but were killed by a Multi-Turret. Later the next day, at Halvo Bay, several Butchers assisted the Savage Locust in the area trying to take down the former members of Kilo Squad who had returned to the city. A loyal Butcher attacked Delta Squad after they destroyed the Maelstrom device during the Second Battle of Azura but was defeated by a newly upgraded Jack and the humans.

Butchers that had too much exposure to Imulsion mutated into Lambent Gunkers; the arm that held their cleavers mutated, connecting the cleaver to the body, and their other arm mutated into a stump of molten Imulsion that could be lobbed at enemies from afar.

All Boomer variants died out when the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon was activated moments later.


A Butcher in Horde mode.

Gears of War 2[]

Butchers are one of the enemies encountered in Horde mode, appearing in waves 2 to 4.

Gears of War 3[]

Butchers are among the available Locust to play as in Beast mode and cost $300. They are quite slow in movement and attack speed, which results in them being one of the least popular creatures to choose from. Butchers can damage barriers and melee attack enemies, but are of limited use due to their size and speed.

Butchers, despite having no "savage" traits on them, strangely appear on "Savage" wave sets on Horde 2.0.

The Butcher in Infinity Blade II.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Butchers may say "Hunger!" when spawning.
  • The Lambent Gunker is a mutated version of the Butcher.
  • In the Gears of War 3 Campaign and Horde 2.0, they appear to have some affiliation with the Savage Locust.
  • A variant of the Butcher called the 'Construction Boomer' was set to appear in Gears of War 2, armed with a large wrench. It was ultimately left out.[1]
  • The Butcher makes a cameo appearance in Infinity Blade II as a giant enemy. It wields a weapon called the Cleaver Grinder which is based off its Butcher Cleaver weapon except it has a longer handle.[2][3]

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